Retro mountain bikes

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  • Always impressed how you keep everything period correct....wish I could but some little bits are going for crazy prices nowadays

  • Thanks. But it isn't really "period correct" actually. I used a 9 speed LX (from early 2000's). But I know, it's not that much of a difference.

  • Not technically a NW, but I've been using a Surly single speed chainring with fairly tall teeth and had no drops so far.

  • yeah, very heavy very forgiving - perfect if you're in denial about your abilities and keep putting yourself in the way of danger.
    This (part) build is particularly bonkers

  • There's a rash of various Muddy Fox couriers on ebay at the moment. Always liked the purple/white fade on the Courier - but is anyone able to illuminate the differences between the Courier, Courier Prestige and Courier Comp? Are they much of a muchness?

  • prestige is presumably made from prestige....

  • @Frerman Yep tange prestige tubing, the muddyfox comps are nice, I also remember seeing a special edition gold one somewhere on eBay recently

  • slaps forehead


  • Another frame I lusted after in my youth. Loved how burly the linkage was and the position of the shock. Bet it was a pita to clean through.

  • Yes cleaning was bad, and as it got old and worn the lateral wobble on the 5 pivot bearings made you a bit seasick....
    Looked great tho and that linkage was rad - mine still had all the milling machine marks on it !

  • New for me bike day.... really happy always wanted a FRO, gonna put some old risers, new cables and tires. Interesting gusset on the driveside chainstay and some nice welds throughout

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  • Holy grail!

  • Really happy, feels very long, but steering feels quick. Heard they’re meant to feel on point the faster you ride. Best deal I’ve ever had, saw it hanging in a 2nd hand bike store, usually they ask top money for stuff that not that great. Thought if it’s still there after work today I’d get it. Felt cheeky so asked for 30€ off he gave me 20€ so in 329. Gonna sell the muddyfox tomorrow

  • 329 € for the FRO?? Damn, that's the find of a lifetime!

  • What size is the Muddy Fox? 😉

  • I’m 188cm and it feels too small (I can measure it in the morning), I’m into it for 230-250€ with a black and yellow Kevlar flite I haven’t got in the post yet. If it’s something you’ve been looking for then that’s a different matter but I think the Saracen you just got ticks the boxes in a better way riding wise.

  • It would probably fit (I'm 1,82 m) and I have a Tange Prestige addiction but I'm going to pass on it. I shouldn't buy more mountainbikes (I have 25 but only place to keep 2 in the house; all my other bikes are stored in the attic so I even can't have a quick look at them. Sad thing... ).

  • Slight decal change on the MC6500. Slightly smaller on the chainstays and a different Japan flag.

    Thanks to Gil at retrodecals again :)

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  • One of a kind Colnago Bi Titan MTB
    Bloody expensive but amazing. Master Ti top tube and Decor paint.­ageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack­=true

  • Christ, 3000 £...

    A friend of mine had one like this in the early nineties. He sold it and bought a Kirk Precision... (🙌)

  • I just missed out on a white 1990 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp, a particular frame I had been hunting after for aaages. So so so gutted.

    If anyone has an early 90s Stumpy, Tange Prestige tubing, that they could offload - then let me know!

  • There's a few on German local ebay ("ebay kleinanzeigen")

  • Love this, looks class - what rims/hubs/tyres?

  • Thank you! Rims are Halo Whiteline, XT hubs and Maxxis Holyroller tyres - Huge ugly Maxxis logos sanded away - I'm sure some will wince at that...

  • So, this happened.

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Retro mountain bikes

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