Retro mountain bikes

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  • Yup, that's mine. For sells though currently, I ride this day to day.

    The Rockhopper is about 16kg without racks so I thought what harm is an extra kilo 🤷♂️

  • I’ve got a NOS left hand XTR st-m900 shifter/brake combo. Its 3x

    If needed for restauration or other let me know.

    Cba putting it on ebay.

    Postage from sweden.

  • It may not be pretty, but it got the headset out without any drama!

    Also used the rest of the curtain pole as a lever to remove the BB to get a octalink one in for the LX crankset.

    Unfortunately, the crown race aint fitting on, and the cups were a little too easy to install so a font of standards tells me I might have either ISO, where I needs JIS (or the other way round).

    Coming together though with getting the bars on. Do need a good saddle - but I tend to like the wavey woo ugly stuff (SMP).

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  • I bought this a while back for my daughter, but she wasn’t comfy as the bars were too low and it was a bit too stretched for her.

    It’s a 1991 Diamond back Sorrento. I tried selling but no interest, so I thought I’d have a go at making it fit her!! I had an old, short, riser stem so bought a quill/ahead adaptor and some alt bars to raise the bars and shorten the reach.

    The bike is in great nick, a true temper cromo frame and forks; and full 200 GS groupset. New tyres, old guards and saddle and her lomo frame pack finish it off. She really loves it, but hasn’t tried it in it’s new guise yet as she’s away in Uni at the minute!

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  • do you happen to know what front rack that is?

  • Here’s my Eldridge grade. Bought for £30 on Facebook. It was in a bit of a mess when purchased. It had been converted to v brakes with ‘travel agents’, which I sold for £30.00 to fund some new tektro cr720 cantis. The hubs were stripped and regreased and fitted with new bearings and 2 new spokes fitted to rear wheel. All the transmission was good, apart from a sticky freehub and I fitted a new chain anyway. Tyres are new Schwalbe land cruisers in 2”width.

    There was helitape stuck on the forks and down tube, which was a pig to remove - used a hairdryer and white spirit and it’s done the job!

    Finished it off with on one Mike alt bars which were £9.00 on offer at P X; and a very old Nimrod front rack and bar bag which were in the workshop loft!

    It’s a lovely frame- very light.

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  • Pretty much a dream bike.

  • Sure do!

    It's a Pelago Commuter with a Wald 1372 basket zip tied to it.

  • Lovely Marin, very nice job!

  • Cabled up the Cannondale yesterday and blasted some WD40 into the previously very gritty feeling V brakes. They feel pretty much better now.

    I have noticed that when I pull on the levers, I get a sort of friction feel through them - like the cables are dragging along something - any thoughts? I don't have this on my cable discs or my old road bike. Perhaps I won't notice it once I'm riding along.

  • Thanks👍🏼

  • Sneaky peek. Not sorted a saddle, seatpost or had a shakedown ride but this is where I’m at right now.

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  • Bar sweep is looking good

  • Built this up with a mix of parts for riding around local trails, it's been great fun. It's got me looking for something with front suspension to take further afield.

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  • Got some new wheels fitted to the Muddy Fox yesterday and joined the dyno-bro clan. Annoyingly my planned upgrade to 8 speed was thwarted by a crank/chainring bcd mismatch.

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  • saw this on gram, kojak are AMAZING tyres, I was surprised how puncture resistant they were

    top spok card

  • My Scott Pro Racing in bikepacking/commuting and off-road mode

  • Interested to see how they compare with the city jets I had on previously.

  • Nice...which skin-walls are they in pic. no. 2?

  • @vp1337

    Thank you guys,

    Same tires as pic n°1 but being dirty. Those are Maxxis DTH 26x2.3

  • really nice!

  • Spotted in Buenos Aires

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  • Wasn't the Arrowhead the entry level alu frame? Seems odd to have lots of M950 on it if so. Looks cool though

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Retro mountain bikes

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