Retro mountain bikes

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  • Looking at different stem/handlebar options and getting to a point where I have no idea what to do between 25.4mm quill and bars and a 31.8mm setup + quill adaptor.

    Has anyone got either any words of wisdom either way?

    And if anyone has anything that matches the above in their parts bin that they could do without?

  • Most people loathe the idea of using adapters. As for me, I don't give a rat's ass about aesthetics, and I use them all the time. Newer stems and bars provide a gazillion more options, so I can set the cockpit up properly to my needs. If I'd go for the looks I'd deffo go with quills though.

  • you can get some 31.8 quill stems

  • but on an old GT i'm doing at the moment I just got new forks and headset, because it needs a really short stem. it seems so much lighter to use Ahead rather than any type of quill.

  • i'm thinking of removing the v brake bosses and moving them up for 605b wheels (using these).
    Anyone tried this?

  • Funny that, I saw this yesterday and nearly took a pic myself... looks great!!!

  • Wow. That is very quite sort of purple.

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  • This is noice purple.

  • Oh damn, the colour is great - was honesty expecting blue but this is pretty damn nice.

    Fits 2.2s clearly which is nice, lock ring on the headset comes off but the next bit down feels a little seized.

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    • 975A0049-4D20-415B-A93E-3281EB0A2B7D.jpeg
  • You've made it! We'll teach you the special handshake shortly.

  • Nice. But be gentle on the rear dropouts, these are those early 'dales weak spot.

  • This is special. Looking forward to seeing what you with it.

  • Stripped some parts off another bike and began putting bits together. Having problems with the bottom bracket from the donor bike so not sure what I want to do about having very mismatchy stuff on there.

    Sorry about the valve alignment on the back! 😅

    Never took myself as someone who cared about that sort of thing...

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  • Amazing!

    (Needs a turbo)

  • And a supercharger

  • I agree. With some creative spacers it doesn't look too bad if the proportions matches up:

  • Couple of current retro mtb projects I have on the go; more detail on each in their build threads.

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  • After a few days of topping up the headset with WD40, I've finally managed to get the threaded top race off the Cannondale, so just waiting on a new one to come in the post, along with bars and stem adaptors.

    Might try and bodge an old mop/rake handle into a headset remover to get it fully out.

  • Where are you based? I've got a "real" headset remover if you'd like to borrow?

  • Oo-er, that would be good.

    I'm all the way down in the depths of Wimbledon, or I work in North Acton if the other end of no-where suits.

  • Is that yours? It's very nice. My current daily is a 90s DiamondBack with a similar dadbike vibe. I've ummed and ahhed over a frontrack/basket for ages, but I can't see that I'd actually use it enough to make up for the weight, rattleyness and aerolossez.

  • I'm in SE1, can always arrange a shady handover somewhere 😂

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Retro mountain bikes

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