Retro mountain bikes

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  • Incoming bike to replace my Rocky Mountain. Early 90's BRC Sierra XL. This is as I got it bar adding my yellow Flite. I tried to swap over the Vans x Cult tyres too but clearance issues mean I'm going to have to find some smaller slicks for it. Then I'll be looking to swap the stem for something shorter and get some bars with some rise and backsweep.

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  • 1988 Yeti FRO

  • Treated my favourite beater frame (96 GT Avalanche) to a luxurious (parts bin) 1x10 upgrade. Stupid bikes are fun.

  • Great bike. Shite brake levers.

  • Shite brake levers

    Nah, they're pretty good actually, unless durability is a future concern. The integrated bell on the left lever (not pictured) is surprisingly effective as well.

  • Still haven’t had time to properly christen this after bringing it back from the dead - looking forward to having some fun with it

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  • Nice but not a fan of the a head stem.

  • Got these for the price of a pint.

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  • Another revival completed recently

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  • Excellent work!

  • Can I Save this?

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  • Worn ceramic?

  • Just googled a bit, guess you are correct.

    That's me off to google old canti 26 inch wheelsets. Any suggestions? Looks like mavic crossrides are what I'm looking for?

    Old 26 inch bike, canti's, QR.

  • Sunny bivy trip with @pastry_bot

  • I feel a Rockhopper Comp gang bubbling!

  • Is just the surface is worn, remove the rest and ride with normal pads, if the surface is concaved, new rims

  • Think they are still rideable

    The only other thing that worries me is this one: is this only paint damage? Frame is alu.

    Got this bike for free and want to upgrade it but obviously mtb’s are not my specialty.

    I’d need some new types, chain and pedals and should be good to go.

    Fork is a rockshocx that hasn’t seen service for ten years so it might be shot. Can I replace it with a cheap rigid fork? Any forum approved ones?

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  • My first vintage MTB:

    GT Replica

  • Both of these (the rim and the frame) are just a bit of oxidisation.

    The rim looks pretty unworn but maybe a bit hard to tell from the angle the photo was taken at, if it feels concave then it's worn, if it's relatively flat then either just use the rims and be prepared to give the pads a scrub/sand after a week or so or give the rims a bit of a scrub with a scotch pad type thing to remove the oxidisation.

    The frame is just a bit of the oxidisation under the lacquer layer. Nothing to worry about other than cosmetically.

  • Legnano triple triangle? That's cool! What tubing?

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Retro mountain bikes

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