Retro mountain bikes

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  • Thanks @WimVDD my mind is finally at rest :) all is clear now, forgot about Zadrobilek...

  • Recent purchase - sellers photo.
    Alpinestars Cro Mega DX E-stay.

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  • Beautiful Kona. And nice find @SideshowBob!

  • I just bought this a couple of weeks ago for cheap, really only for the control tech seatpost. Gonna build it with parts from the shed. Didn’t realize that the stem is 1 1/4 with 29mm clamp, really wanted risers as it’s only 16”. The frame has been treated with that gun metal polish stuff

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  • I bloody love those things. I did the first Man v Horse in Wales and met Joe Murray, and had a good slightly pissed chat with him in the Red Kite Inn afterwards, he was great company. I never owned one tho - the closest I came was test riding an Explosif from Brixton Cycles back in the day, but the whole range at the time had the Shimano U-brake fitted to the rear, and they clogged to fuck in the mud, so I went for a Fisher Paragon instead. That was a mighty bike tbf, but I still have a thing for Konas.

  • I want to replace the crap plastic cantis on my muddy fox and don't have much experience with cantis/ v-brakes. It's mainly used for commuting so thinking about going for cheap shimano V brakes for less faffing. Is there any difference in performance between brands/ models or is it just about having them set up right? Or does someone want to convince me to get CR720s

  • If hou want to keep the levers, you need to stick to canti's. If going for V brakes, you'll need specific levers too.

    Try to find some 2nd hand decentish v brakes, no? Lx or something.

  • I'd like to change the levers too, they're also plastic and nasty. What will be the difference between say deore and Deore XT or these even cheaper ones. They all seem to have pretty much the same design. Will the more expensive ones be much stiffer?

  • Yes. Stiffer and lighter (but when riding a MF that makes no sense ;)). I have the 780's on one of my mtb's and they are ace. Very powerfull. But I have to say my XT 737 canti's work very well too and I paid peanuts for them.

  • Klein fades avant la lettre.

  • My '87 Stumpjumper in South Downs Way mode

  • Late 80's or early 90s I think with a view to building it into the 2nd picture.

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  • Lovely Stumpjumper. Like the old 600 rear mech & Salsa stem. Are those Specialized hubs too? Great to see it being used. Have you owned this since new?

  • My newest one: a 1993 KHS Montana Comp. Almost done.

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  • Nice Stumpjmper. I'd love a sticky-uppy Salsa stem like that.

  • Love the colour and in pristine condition.

  • Thanks. The pink has faded a bit and it has some scratches but given it's 26 years old, yes, in good condition. But I'm afraid I need one that's a bit smaller...

  • I put some old panaracer Fire xc pro on the Marin parts bin Titanium....

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  • Place, have this bike rebuild as it should be. ;-)

    What year is this from? 1995'ish?

  • Ha! :0)
    Good spot, 1995 team titanium. It's only like this, as it's a parts bin special.....literally, a decent set of tyres would cost more than the whole bike has cost me!
    As it sits, it weighs 25.03 lbs! I may well spend a bit on it later on, and weight weenie the fuck out of rides wonderfully though, and it's getting some use like this!

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  • O, but I really want to give you some sets of decent tires for that frameset. :) Or even a complete bike!


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Retro mountain bikes

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