Retro mountain bikes

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  • Though our beloved forum deserves a place dedicated to vintage mountain bike, here you can post any kind of vintage off road whip, including yours..­teve-potts-signature.html

  • Good initiative !

  • Neo-retro and/or townies acceptable, or period-correct only?

  • Neo & townies are welcome

  • Aight apologies up front for my weird tastes in this stuff.

  • No idea whether they were good, but as a teenager I was loving these "SBIKES" in the mountain bike magazines. Never seen one in real life.

  • Bought this tank few days ago:

    Some stuff to do, sounds like a winter project

  • So nice

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  • 1997 ( I think ) Heckler

  • I did. A friend had exactly the same as this one. Except from the design they weren't that fantastic.

  • My unfinished project

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  • Another one of mine

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  • Really nice one, love the wheels..

    Would it be a shame to mount some V-brake on a vintage MTB ?

  • No pictures to add to this, just wanted to request that the thread title be changed to something confusing and impenetrable so no-one can actually understand what niche category they are viewing. Also acronym like HBTARMTB or summat.

  • good thread good thread

  • Paint scheme recently dug out of the archive

  • Peak MTB

  • paging @picco for a shot of his decathlon ... yep you read right.

  • @Skülly retrobikers would grumble at it being called retro. It's no Overburys.

  • Think the Cannondale, Kona and Rocky Mountain qualify though 😉

  • My daily ride - 1989(ish?) Raleigh Montage, £60 ebay find. Here it is in towpath / commuter mode and just before setting off on a jaunt from London to Paris last week.

  • Reader's missus. Obligatory crap pic.

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  • Always wanted one of these...

    Sadly not yet. But one day!

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Retro mountain bikes

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