Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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  • Sorry, I should have put that in my original post that yes I have tried calling both Matt and Isen directly, via Whatssapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and email.

    They are flat out ignoring me. The frame is supposedly built and just waiting on paint. I just want it sent to me, along with my Enve stem, in whatever condition it’s currently in. I can have it painted locally if needed. I’m even willing to pay the additional shipping if they would just talk to me.

  • Sadly you are part of a long list of people who have had disappointing customer service (or lack of it). @tw never got his frame, and I don’t think he was fully compensated. But expect excuses and to be blamed for why it has gone wrong.

    Good luck.

  • Well that’s very disappointing to hear that this is not an isolated incident. Even more so when I keep seeing frame deliveries to places like the Service Course. It’s the reason I was hoping someone who was local might be willing to go speak with them face to face, or if someone knows them to guilt trip them that is not how to behave. Especially as a business.

    I’ll keep trying to make contact, but worse case I have a business trip later this year that puts me close and I may just need to schedule a side trip to collect whatever I can in person myself

  • Matt is @coldharbour on here and is still logged into LFGSS, so perhaps the ping will send him a notification.

    But he fucked-over a friend of mine and just fucked-off, so even if you do hear from him I wouldn't believe what you're told.

  • After many years of no frame, Matt agreed that he would refund me the money that I paid (and conveniently forgot the Enve fork that I had fronted).

    I received less than 30% of the money, and have been completely blanked since.

    Be it incompetence, negligence, cowardice or malice, or any combination thereof, I would not trust a word that Matt says, or any promises that he makes, either personally or in the course of his business.

  • ^best t-rip(off)advisor review ever.

  • Have you gone to the small claims court? Presumably there’s an invoice and proof of your payment and his (insufficient) refund? Should be a pretty straightforward claim. Sorry you’ve had to deal with this, sounds really shit.

  • If that’s something you were looking to do @TW I wonder if we could jointly go through the process. The o lot thing stopping me is being based internationally. I would be very glad to help out with costs and paperwork

  • pretty straightforward claim

    Claims are easy, enforcing judgements not so much.

  • Well yep of course, but hopefully sight of the claim alone would prompt some action to make good on the debt. And if the claim and subsequent judgement in default were ignored, Isen have a workshop full of items the bailiffs could have a go at.

  • Isen have a workshop full of items the bailiffs could have a go at

    Unless the law has changed, a person's trade tools are one of the things the bailiffs can't have a go at.
    One always hopes that such a clearly meritorious claim would be settled before judgement by the respondent, but we seem to be leaning towards the view that Isen has a habit of making the wrong decision when confronted with a sound claim.

  • Didn’t know that re. bailiffs, thanks - guess that makes sense really.

    Very sad state of affairs all round, hope those out of pocket get it sorted and move on.

  • Didn’t know that re. bailiffs, thanks - guess that makes sense really

    It's a little more complicated than simply "don't take trade tools", as that applies only to individuals and only to the first £1350 of value. It's designed to protect those tradesmen who ordinarily keep their own personal hand tools from being put out of work by debt enforcement, something which is in nobody's interest. If the debt was incurred by a company or partnership, it doesn't apply. Of course, the tools in the Isen factory might not even belong to the same entity as incurred the debt.

  • While I love my Isen and Talbot bikes and have had good comms with the team. I am disappointed to hear that they bury their head in the sand on things like this.
    Makes me a less proud to ride their bikes.

  • It's a shame to read that. Was hoping he'd get his shit together.

  • I was thinking of getting an Isen as a commuter but the website seems like it's not accepting any orders. Are they still in action?

  • Godspeed. Website not working. No instagram posts since August. Regular posts in this thread about orders going wrong/not happening. You'd have to be crazy.

  • Stayer are taking orders !

  • Fuck them off

    Time wasters, terrible customer service, liars, and frequently make it unrideable bikes (wheels don’t fit etc etc)

  • Reckon you could get a really nice used bike as a commuter for the cost of the fancy pants ISEN paint

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Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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