Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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  • Got a well framed, drive-side pic of that? Lovely.

  • @croft I think I’ve posted this before… best I’ve got at the mo.

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  • @croft thank you. Really looking forward to seeing the deeper section wheels

  • Isen...­554839541248413698?s=20&t=gWUCVpLcWIX0HP­ipI68rXg

    I ordered a bike in Dec 2017 -paid a non-refundable deposit. In 2021 I paid a 2nd deposit cause the cost went up. I still haven't received the bike. What's the Consumer rights law on this? It was non-refundable, but could I argue they failed to deliver in a reasonable time?

  • Seems there is a bit more to it than a 5 year wait for the build but it's not great either.

    I didn't get on well with my Isen and now don't really know what to do with it. It's been in my front room for several years. I've ridden 45km on it.

  • Sell it to Laura?

    (sorry been on the wine and gin)

  • What was wrong with it?

  • The crank arm didn't clear the chainstay on the drive side.

    Tbf to Isen, they did rectify that.

  • If they fixed it then why are you citing it as a reason for not riding it? Or are you just looking for a bandwagon to jump on?

  • Um, I didn't cite it as a reason for not riding it.

    DJ asked what was wrong with it and I replied. I also pointed out, for balance, that there was a little more to the "5 year wait" story.

    No bandwagons were harmed in my contribution to this thread. What is your issue here?

  • Without going into a full chronological breakdown of the above situation, the way in which it has been presented is incredibly misleading at best. The build was put on hold by the customer, not us and we are still waiting for information needed to build the bike. The specifications have changed numerous times, and we have accomodated every time. We have all of the parts ready to build, and a completion date of end of August was given, which we will still now be able to meet if we are given information we need.

    As this thread shows we have had issues in the past, but I think it is fair to say that I have always gone out of my way to sort them out and to try and get the customer to a place they are happy with. In this situation we have done everything we can to accomodate changing circumstances, and there is really nothing we could have done. The parts have been ordered, drawings have been done and we are ready to build the frame. Until this week collecting at the end of August was totally fine, so I really don't know what happened but there isn't anything for us to recitify so here we are.

  • Sounds like Laura has decided she'd prefer to have her non-refundable deposit refunded than get the bike, and is looking for a way to achieve that.

  • Very happy with my R3Disc. Fast enough to keep up with club smashfest chaingang, smooth as butter. Can't find a single fault with it. Need to STS but I'm always cautious with doing that too soon.

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  • noiceee whats the saddle?

  • Contemplating selling my Isen R3 Disc frame 57cm and fork.

    Sales post link

  • I can't believe your selling this, at £1800 that's an absolute steal. What's the bb to saddle height?

  • @Norfolkbound

    I’ll definitely regret this one, but it’s far too good to be just sat there.

    It’s approx 82cm centre of bb to saddle height

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Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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