Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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  • Reported this to local MP and council?

  • Hope she makes a quick recovery. Sounds horrible.

  • We will be, haven't got round to it today yet.

  • Yeah all things considered she's very lucky.

  • Reported this to local MP and council?

    Failing that just spray can a massive cock around it. Thats seems to work quite well.

  • Sorry about that but get photos of the pot hole and depth . They may suddenly fill it in when they get a solicitors letter.

  • Sorry to hear about the crash. I guess it is better the bike comes off worse than your partner.

    Hopefully the damage is isolated to the fork, wheel and shifter.

  • Yeah she was on the ball enough to get photos at the scene.

    @motoko hopefully the frame is OK it was clearly a fairly significant impact but it looks alright after a quick once over.

  • Testament to the strength and quality of the frame really.
    Glad your partner is all ok

  • Jeez, heal up quickly :(

  • Anyone have experience fitting SRAM 8-bolt cranks to a T47 Bb version of these? Cannot work out correct combination of spacers to avoid chain rings binding on chainstay.

  • What mudguards have people got for their Isen, I've always used clip on one but fancy putting something more substantial on. Obviously PDW but what else

  • I'm using these ones by radial, but I'm not sure they are being sold at all any more.­rt-pro-mudguards-1.html
    Short but good with the flaps from Raw.

  • Not sure that image worked. Try again.

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  • I’ve got the same 37mm radial ones on mine. Running 30mm challenge strada biancas on wide rims and it’s a bit tight.

    If you plan on running 30mm tyres I’d say get a slightly wider/bigger guard.

  • I've actually got 32mm Goodyear Eagles under mine now, seems ok, but yes, would probably be less spray with a wider guard.

  • I’ve just got a swanky pair of Simworks Flat 42 in black to replace my 45 PDWs. No major complaints about the pdws. They’re hardy. They work great with the Isen. It is Just the fixings are a little plastic and they tend to wiggle. The lack of rolled edges also means the spray tends to come out the side.

  • Simworks Flat 42

    Install pic? Think about upgrading my pdw's as well for the same reason.

  • Still on the spare bed awaiting install. 🙈

  • Cheers guys, i just took off the sks raceblade and even though i put some extra rubber on them, they removed a chunk of paint so want to get a proper set.

    Those radials look great @bproud

  • I have radials on another bike. I’d rate the pdws far better. Plus they come with anti rub tape I put on the inside of the seat stays which works wonders.

  • Clearance of strada biancas under radials.

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Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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