• You still got that? Still one of my forum favourites. GTi colour scheme was a win.

  • Nah, Sold it last year to raise funds needed to open BAU.
    Miss it. But working on a replacement.

  • @ukjoshb has it now, so still ‘on here’

  • Did anyone have problems getting hydraulic brake cables through the internal routing? Is it necessary to trim the "blub" off from the end of the cable before doing this?

    Any tips appreciated.

  • I chamfered the end and greased the outside of the cable IIRC, and it was still a total bastard.

    However, they've never made any noise or slipped.

  • That's good to know; thanks.

  • Yes, the internal tube is a very tight fit. Anything looser and it slaps around on rough terrain.

  • S&S couplings now an option for all seasons and G. O. A. T. Lovely kit that's really well made, will work out what the weight penalty is when the ones we are building atm are painted up.

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  • Damn! this makes purchasing an all season even more tempting as I've been considering a bike with couplers for a while now after having done about 12 flights with bikes in various boxes and bags over the last 3 years. Do you know how much the S&S couplers will add to the frame price?

  • 685, with the brazed in ones pictured. That's on a 28.6mm tt and 34.9 dt. We are S&S accredited as well, so won't be any issues down the line getting parts etc...

  • Did they change the design on the "lock-ring" of the couplers? The ones on my Geekhouse looks different

  • ^ Those rings are designed to be used during the brazing process, so the nice shiny ones don't get ruined.

  • Ahh thanks! Also means that the shiny ones can be replaced, wich is nice to know. Sorry for thread derail

  • What john said, these are just used to not fuck the other ones, you can't use them for riding.

  • Bike in bits.

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  • Saw these pics on Instagram the other night. Very nice!

  • Any chance on buying some black touch paint for my All season? Think I saw it mentioned up thread. Emailed but never heard back...

  • What's your opinion of the PMW polydrop system? I'm wary of so many parts and complexity vs a fixed dropout, but maybe it's been around long enough to have proven reliable.

  • Yes thats fine, I will get the link in the am, its a mercedes metallic paint, so easy to source anyway.

  • Theyre great in my experience. More than strong enough, don't creak, frame is future proofed from any stupid new standard, and you can run belts!

  • Took my G.O.A.T to the peak district after visiting Reynolds factory this weekend, was great, didn't crash. Neither poly drops or bb creaked, even though it was mostly perms-rain.

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  • Hah, I didn't notice the mtb had polydrops - that's an endorsement. Cheers.

  • Which BB does yours have? The PF option or T47?

  • Pf30, as I'm planning on running a rohloff at some point and I can tension chain this way.

  • Cool. Glad to hear no creackage. Generally avoid pf options.

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Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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