Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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  • That is 100% beautiful.

  • What was the thinking behind through front, qr rear rather than through on both?

  • Are your geos correct they show very short top tubes.

  • They're nearly square apart from the very small ones

  • Here is tyre checker set to 650b x 42. Clearance for all!

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    • isen clearance.jpg
  • tyre checker

    have you patent-ed that?

  • Saw this at Spin. Was very very tempted...

  • @dancing james stop fucking about and buy this, 42c is plenty .. @JB has even approved 30c recently. These sick fades are the only things that will separate you from the Barbour wearing countryside MAMILs

  • I would be keen to know about this too!

  • Longevity mostly. Front road bolt thru has settled down on 12mm, everyone uses that standard, so pretty happy that it's a keeper. With the rear, there is still a bit of dicking around, 142mm seems like it might be settled on standard, but even there there's a lot of mucking arounf with drop out designs. Add to that the fact that, while bolt thru makes a great deal of sense on the front of a disc braked bike, and bikes in general, I haven't found myself feeling the same with bolt thru on the rear, there are other things much more important for stiffness down low.

    I think it will eventually migrate to bolt thru, but there is going to be 135mm rear QR wheels available for the foreseeable future, so until the industry settles its rear end bun fight we are going to run with 135mm.

  • Nearly square. Have you found a rogue geo chart? ;)

  • British BB?

    If I were to install my power2max rotor bb30 cranks with the BSA bb would there be enough room in the bb shell for Di2 cabling?

  • Yes, takes some routing but is doable, ask @dammit about his time machine.

  • Your seat tubes appear to be longer than the top tubes thats all ?

  • ah ok, see what you mean. I think its to do with how we measure. So seat tube is centre to top (c-t), and the top tube measurement is centre to centre effective. In reality the top tube is longer than the seat tube, but the raw measurements are really helpful for sizing, so we don't use them.

  • If I had more money and no wife or baby and more money I'd be all over this. Great offer, I'm a big fan of Caren's work.

  • She's alright I guess....

  • ...and er...shamefully unfamiliar with yours.

  • Is it tigged?

  • Matt's customers are a pretty shy bunch - as you can see from the ten pages of awesome here.

  • sexwee

  • Very keen on this especially if you accept the cycle2work vouchers.

    Is the framesize set in stone when you place the preorder. Would be good to have a chat about geometry before commiting to one. I usually pick a 54cm frame such as for my caad12 disc.

  • Damn. Bargain. Logo is better now too

  • Are you making these in some sort of 'batch' method? I really think it's the way to make frames these days.

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Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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