• All about the shadow fade.

  • Needs a sharper lens ;)

  • Thanks for the update.

    Q-factor is indeed important. I've found that my heel clearance is pretty tight on the stays. if TA dropouts made this worse it might be an issue.

    Hopefully most hubs continue to be available with different end caps. I was playing with the idea in my mind that I could ask to have the dropouts changed when my bike is in for paint touch up later this year, but maybe not worth the hassle.

  • I need to know more about this...

  • We are also doing a rohloff option

    Oh no. Now I really want. And I haven't even built up my first Isen yet. Because reasons.

    Real reasons, mind you.

  • The mtn GOAT. Its getting properly 'launched' at NAHBS, but the idea was to build us bikes that would could use for full weekend 'adventure' (sorry) riding. Being slow, slightly technical and muddy terrain in the middle of nowhere speaks to us both, as we can hide our lack of pace behind 'really experiencing the trails'. They're covered in bosses for everything cages etc, and we've also designed a rigid fork, slightly lower a to c from the bouncy one it's designed with, to tighten angles a bit and allow for more mile munching.

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  • More photos. Will send some of fork when I get in.

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  • pls say:

    • progressive geometry // slack HT steep ST
    • big triangle space for framebag
    • dropper routing options that work with a framebag and don't look ugly without
    • threaded BB
    • bottle cage mounts under the DT
    • frameset price sub £1k
  • So pretty.

  • You were so close, then you got to the price ;)

    The bike above is the smallest model, we have tried to make the front triangle as big as is possible for frame bags, and there are 4 bottle bosses to allow various high or low positions for cages (including anything cages).

    Geo yes exactly, rigid fork and more saddle offset tightens it up for longer distance.

    Dropper routing is frame bag compliant.

    Frame is designed around either T47 for thread fans, or PF30 bb. The of option is to allow for use of a rohloff, it comes with poly drops as standard so you can chop and change whatever config you want.

    There are :
    4 x bottle cage mounts on dt
    2 x bottle cage mounts on st
    2 x bottle cage mounts on each seat stay
    3 x bottle(anything) cage mounts on each fork leg.
    Price is tbc but will be similar to all seasons in all liklihood. We may do another batch for these, but that is not guaranteed. If we did then it would be closer to a grand, but deffo not below. Because we use named tubes and paragon parts on the frames I can't see us ever getting near that tbh.

  • Is the DT less ugly on the bigger frames?

  • T47 is nice to hear and bike looks great.

    Count me as interested for any intial run. This would be nice upgrade compared to to the Genesis Longitude I have.

    Would the plan be for this to be sold as frame only or with the option of frame and fork (sus / rigid)?

  • Would I be less ugly if I was 6 foot tall? It's quite subjective....

    It's the same dt (853) but will probably look more in proportion on the larger builds. I'm not a huge fan of bent dt's from an aesthetic point of view, but it's superior to smashing your fork crown into it every time you crash in an undignified heap.

  • Frame only, complete build and everything in between. We are very nearly properly set up in mithcam now, so we can and are lobbing out full builds as and when it's required.

  • Forward facing seat clamp please ;-)

  • With seat clamp what is the benefit of one like this vs a collar?

  • Don't get shit blasted into your ST from the rear wheel

  • Whichever you use, less mud gets in if its at the front init

    Edit: Always too slow

  • This was carens bike, production will be front facing and repalcabe collar, I hate threads on frames.

  • With seat clamp what is the benefit of one like this vs a collar?

    Imo, it's cleaner looking than a separate collar, and there's less opportunity for dirt to work its way in and cause annoying crunchy sounds

    Downsides are that you can't use a quick release, and ham-fistedly stripping the threads isn't as easily solved as just buying a new collar, but dropper posts have kind of done away with quick releases, and stripping a big steel thread takes quite some doing

  • I hate threads on frames


  • Except on the BB, just to be clear.

  • And all those bottle cage mounts.

  • Press fit bottle cage mounts are the future

  • It's a steel frame, just put magnets on your bottle

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Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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