• Picked mine up from the shop so no issue with spacers, but only seems a mil or so out - just enough to make getting the wheel in a tad tricky. Could it just be the paint on the dropouts if they were checked pre paint?

  • sorry for not calling you personally

    I wouldn't expect you to. I did feel for Anna though: "Well someone's got to speak to him and we're the bosses!"

  • I've been dealing with estate agents all day.

    estate agents or demanding clients from lfgss....tough one...

  • Well it's for industrial spaces, so it's all south londons lads looking after family holdings. I find it harder to hate them than the shiny suit kind, but the possibility of a tear up is far greater. There is such a lack of industrial space in South London, we are really scraping the barrel atm.

  • A barrel with full hot and cold running water, electric and large accessible loading bay?

  • Also a bit tight on 001, and the wheel has been in and out enough times that there's not much paint left on the dropout. A gentle pull on the stays drops the wheel in though.

  • We want an annoying size (1000-1500sq foot), and there just doesnt seem to be anything about, at a decent price, that will take gases. I'm sure something will turn up, but until then we are working over 3 sites which is very annoying, and has caused many of the problems we have encountered over the last 2 batches.

  • The prototype I have is grand, but then again the headbadge is handcut, so its clearly from the time when "Isen really cared about making bicycle frames"

    Not like all these mass produced jobs you all seem to have.

    Reminds me of Raleigh in the 80's.....

  • Just watched a documentary about a master drystone waller GWYN Jones....now thats welsh

  • Mike! What a pleasant suprise seeing you here!

  • Dibs apprenticeship in your super factory

  • My ones? 1.75" I think....

  • Went to Watford, got nose bleed. Won't be doing that again.

  • Ah, I actually just wondered what make they were? They look really nice with the bike.

  • Talk to me about tyre choices for a 55. Thinking about tubeless and will use guards. 700c. What works?

  • G-ones and PDW’s?

    Obvs depends on your bike use. If fashionable, commutey or heavy loads toury, go tubeless.

    At the mo I have G-ones and SkS cromoplastics on mind, but will switch to 4 seasons and PDW’s when I pull my finger out

  • G-ones and PDW are the go to. I think @JB has just shagged his (metaphorically) and he has had them on for ages. I used them all last year and was super impressed, @ad441 is on his second pair etc etc...

  • Thanks gents. The 35c flavour?

  • 30c, I much prefer them to the 35c.

  • Grazie professor.

  • Still on first pair of 30c G-ones until yesterday, did about 4000-5000km, mostly road but quite a bit of off-road too. I think. Rear tyre got a large cut in it which I'd put one of those tubeless plugs in which held for several 100k more, but was then pushing out sporadically causing tyre to lose pressure, so have finally removed it. But other than that would probably be good for quite a while more. Zero punctures other than that cut that (probably some small ones sealed themselves) and that's with riding on some quite jagged rocky paths. Great tyres, unless you're riding purely road in which case I'd go for Pro-ones.

  • I second this. 35c were ok on the trainbeik as it was a load lugger, but a nightmare for ‘training’ on

    30c’s much better all around

  • Yep, as posted in the Tubeless thread, I've just had to replace the rear and it's been on for 5000+ KMs. Easily the best tyres I've ever used from an all around perspective. Have so much confidence in them. Not a single puncture. Go on with a normal track pump if tubeless. Thoroughly worth the £47.50 they cost. Never felt hindered by them. And yes, I have city PDWs. Photos demonstrating clearance here: http://talbotframeworks.co.uk/2017/06/ja­kes-fluoro-four-seasons/

    Clearance up front looks tighter now as I got the long bracket for the front guard.

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Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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