• Sorry to hear about the added stress at the end of what has been a great project.

    Are you sending dispatch notifications as the bikes are sent out?

  • Yes every bike that goes out (that isn't collected) will get a dispatch notification. Again, if you have any issues dm and I you can call me. The frames are leaving, just not all at once.

  • Also, ultegra hydraulic stuff has started arriving here so will probably be the same for others waiting.

  • But has the charger arrived? šŸ˜œ

  • Is it OK to respond to Veritys previous e-mails(hello(a)isenworkshop.com or would you prefer DM?
    I want to send you money!

  • hello@ is fine, it wasn't verity specific ;)

  • Blue door charging your batteries as you speak

  • @coldharbour do you know anywhere it can be ordered from?

  • madison has them, so any bike shop. Probs won't be the same for wiggle etc as their stock will most likely be oem

  • last communication I had with verity was to confirm that you guys received my final payment. She said someone will be in touch when frameset is ready (+ velocity rims + tyres). I originally planned to collect but sending would be easier. #014

  • Due to an aberration in Gmail mobile client (what a load of toss that is), I hadn't realised that I'd received one of Verity's last emails, requesting final payment.

    And there I was wondering what you were up to...

    So sorry about that - paid now.

  • Ordering my last few parts now and getting suitably excited. What size di2 grommets should I get? The 7x8mm oval ones or the 6mm round ones?


  • I asked the same question, itā€™s answered somewhere in this thread (I canā€™t remember and not at home right now).

  • Found invoice on phone. 6mm

  • Stroked some Isens yesterday, they do have some #sickcandyfades

  • Have you got an answer on the cable length btw?
    I bought a Di2 Ultegra Groupset not too sure what sort of cable length it comes with...

  • So next near total disaster reared it's head this weekend. @oxygendebt messaged me, 'hi bikes great cranks dont fit y u ruin my weekend 4?' (I'm paraphrasing/making it up but you get the idea). Turned out that his record UT cranks with P2M power meter was fouling the chainstay at the inner ring. Obviously suboptimal.

    If I build a Talbot, I'll chuck chainset, brakes, wheels etc in whilst building just to check everything clears. Building 35 bikes at once that isn't viable, so we spent a long time working our the static drawings, and making sure everything cleared, which it did. Until friday.

    Having picked up the frame, the issue seemded to have been 2 fold, one easily solved, one useful for the next batch, but nothing doing for these.

    1. The chainstays have a lot of dimples, chainset dimples, 650b dimples etc. It seems that the person dimpling has done it by turns rather than actual depth, so there is some variation in the depth. But not a lot.
    2. This is the one that caught us out. It seems that there is a difference between some stays between the beginning of the tapering of the stays, where we have worked on the assumption it was the same. This means the 'wide bit' has been a bit further further forward on some of them. Should be an easy thing to build a check into the process, but caught us off guard this time.

    Luckily it is an easy fix, and needs a number of things to have gone wrong for it to be an issue. To double check this doesnt happen again I am going to build a dummy chainring to mount flat to bb shell to check clearances going forward.


  • On the other end of the spectrum:
    Test ride went well for the matching pair.
    I was pretty ill all weekend so it was more of a pootle around London than originally planned but so far so good.

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  • @coldharbour - let me say 'thank you' in a public manner as effusively as I hope I did privately yesterday evening. You owned the error (even if it wasn't yours, directly), and fixed it swiftly and decisively.

    Campag always makes things more complicated....hopefully the hydraulics will prove straightforward!

    My build is close to completion and I expect it will look and ride wonderfully.

  • Hydraulics, campag, straightforward. These words were not destined to be together.....

  • @coldharbour

    0025 landed yesterday: noice!

    I know I should have noted this down, but I'm not trawling through 61 pages of rubber cocks to find the answer (and my calipers have gone AWOL): seatpost clamp/FD adaptor diameter plz.

    PS A data sheet on the website with the vital statistics wouldn't be a bad idea.

    NVM the lure of dildo-bantz was too strong and I found the answer.

  • 28.6 ftw ;)

    Can't wait to see it built up.


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Isen workshop: adventures in batch production (or not...)

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