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  • Anyone have any experience with Rinpoch components?

    Had a search and found nothing here but they seem like nice gear!

  • did you manage to find any pricing info?

  • Had a search and found nothing here but they seem extremely overpriced chinese crap

  • Thanks for the help. Engrish not my first language for tarckpron.

  • No but seriously, looks nice and all but you can buy a Rotor track crank which is sure as hell going to be better quality for fifty pound less

  • I want a set of their wheels

  • Ask @ekudduke
    he's got the crankset on his Parallax.

  • they seem to have ripped off the Sugino logo typeface pretty badly too

  • So far, so good. No complaints as of yet. I've only had them for around 2-3 months. I quite like the design behind it, 30mm spindle (& no spider/crankarm play!) The cogs I've been using seem solid too. No complaints. ✌

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  • Wheels aren't widely available as of yet. Zeal cycling has 1 left in stock I believe. (track 50mm)

  • I'd be really interested to see a back to back comparison against Rotor alright... nice to see someone else entering the market though.

  • I've had both. As much as I like rotor, unless you're strictly riding them on the track they develop play on the driveside via the spider and crankarm (they are held together by 4 torx bolts pretty close together). That was my only issue with them and it does get a bit annoying having to warranty them time and time again. Funnily enough I've only had play with the newer model (not the silver black matching lines model pre 2014 I think..)

    But yeah. 2p.

  • Yo man, you had the Rinpoch on your Parallax, how did you find the fit? I'm trying to fit mine now and they seem too wide

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