56/57cm Diamondback Hot Pink Splatter frame and fork

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  • Bought this on the forum a few months back, it's a great frame but slightly too big for me.

    Its made from Tange OS, the only detailed reference I could find was from an AT&T intranet chat from 1991! (Not quite sure how this worked that early!)


    The poster states that all Tange OS Tubes are Made from a Prestige tubeset. I can't verify this but it's a nice ride - noticeably stiffer than 531 etc but still comfortable

    I had the headtube and fork crown changed from JIS to ISO by Argos cycles to make choosing a headset easier

    Originally purchased for £50+postage . ISO conversion was £40, it's also been touched up and polished. I'll offer it for £90 posted from Bristol or £100 with a black Tange Falcon cartridge headset , which was new on installation.

    Here's a photo of it built, I'll get a few more of it stripped down soon


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  • Looks mint. A quick google bought up a few more Tange OS mentions.
    OS just means Oversized, and the Tange OS road bikes seem to be Presitge yeah

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  • Cheers ! Yes I was aware its oversized, was just curious about the tubeset properties as Tange OS isn't seen much . Thanks for the table though !

  • Thats ace. Absolute bargain too. Too small for me mind you. GLWS

  • very cool frame glws

  • Dibs if you're willing to ship abroad

  • Does the frame have mudguard mounts? Can see the fork doesn't...

  • My old frame-looks ace

  • oooh nice

  • Hi,sorry would rather keep it postage to UK

  • no mudguard mounts, it has quite close clearances

  • Thomson Elite seat post to go with it also available for £30

  • That thing looks amazing. If I had space and spare cash ild snap it up. GLWS!

  • Cheers, I was really torn whether to part with it but if it doesn't fit its not right!

  • Np, honestly already have troubles with my n-1 equation.

  • @monkdagola buy this!!!!! or @timwilkey!!!!

  • Wicked...

  • before you strip it down, bring it to my shop on broad st, so i can get a picture. #sweetride

  • Hi, do you have any geo info? Especially effective TT and headtube length? Also, I'm assuming it's a 1" headtube?

  • Rad, and a total bargain, wish it was smaller, GLWS.

  • Hi , I'll measure when I get home, I think it's 57 ctc square but will have to check. 1" headtube for sure

  • Ah too late already stripped ! Groupset now on a caad7! Which is your shop?

    Will knock £10 off if anyone wants to collect from Bristol, can meet centrally.

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  • Any pics stripped down and close up and could you confirm the 57cm square measurements ...

  • Just checked it's actually 57ctc top tube and 56ctc seat tube

    More photos here


  • Full court press, bring the caad though, it's Rad. #DasCaadKlub

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56/57cm Diamondback Hot Pink Splatter frame and fork

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