Frame building supplies in Europe

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  • At the risk of starting a thread that is already out there, but me lacking the skills of finding it (after 15 minutes of searching).

    I'm looking for some parts to build my own frame, mainly BB shell, headtube and rear (disc) dropouts. While these are easy to find in the US (a.k.a. Trumpland) I can't find any shop selling them in Europe (that includes the UK). And since the cost of bringing this stuff here is huge, I really don't want to order them in the US.

    Can anyone recommend a good seller/shop located in Europe? Thanks in advance!

  • ???
    I think they're in SE England


    Primary UK based one.

    They have a framebuilders list as well. If one is near to you they "might" carry some stock and sell on.
    Ceeways is email/phone with want list and they get back to you with price.

  • Nice! Although their website would suggest they're around 10 years out of business they have quite a nice selection of stuff. Thanks!

  • hmm unfortunately they don't have any flat mount/post mount 12mm thru axle dropouts.. any other options?

  • Send them a mail/ call them. I think they have or can get much more than what's online.

  • Ceeway is the main place.

  • yeah, goto ceeway, they are a bit archaic in how you order things but you can get what you need from them

  • you guys are right, they somehow have so much more than on their website. Now I just need to start building my first frame :)

  • Bump.

    Are there any good EU suppliers out there for small quantity tubes and sundries?

  • Thanks, I am in Denmark so looking for import duty free. Germany is perfect thanks

  • I've ordered through in the past. They do small quantities and can supply any Columbus tubing, just send them an email.

  • Thanks. They don't really have what I need i am afraid.

  • Out of curiosity, what tubing are you looking for?

  • Nothing specific, just looking out for options. Ceeway carry a nice amount of longer length 4130 I've been using for cargo bikes plus they have paragon machine works and loads of other useful things.

  • Yeah.. I don't have an EU source for PMW parts yet.

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Frame building supplies in Europe

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