FS: Eddy Merckx MX Leader

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  • No longer for sale on here.

  • Do like that paint.

  • Thanks! I really do too

  • Was it the one on eBay the other day that sold for £500 and something?? So now £700 for the frame ? Sounds like a bargain if of course it is the same frame .

  • Looks familiar that's all

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  • Reckon a sensible offer of £250 should buy it then ...!

  • That's the guy I'm selling it for! He was getting offers etc, but decided to cancel the listing and split. Don't jump to conclusions before hearing me out

  • Think it sold for £800? However, that was with a Record Titanium group and some Shamals, so still taking the piss.

  • Still a bargain at 800 for all that

  • Feel for whoever brought it for that

  • For the whole bike

  • Yeah, bargain if that was what it sold for?

    But isn't it just the frame, stem and headset on here?

  • So we have the same item as advertised elsewhere, and it's even going for a higher price on here because it's been stripped down.

    Unsure whether this is a good joke and to laugh, or to face palm and swing the ban hammer.

  • Yeh I'm retracting my GLWS

  • Brought a Raleigh ti full super record 753 for £500 instead .

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  • Anyway on with my day ..! Glws lovely frame

  • I can take the listing down if you want. But I don't see I have done anything wrong as it is not for sale anywhere else. My colleague had it for sale on ebay over a week ago and wanted to shift it quickly, but was getting many offers so decided to cancel the listing and split the bike as he could see the value.

    I've only sold small items of mine on here before for very good prices for years.

  • Don't jump to conclusions before hearing me out


  • Should have bought the Merckx IMO :)

  • Evidence of these many offers have been given by @Sworks1984 in this thread!

  • Getting bored of Merckx .. Hahaha

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  • Yawning ..! All I done is show what it was being offered for . The forum is a great place and the community sell things for decent prices . I just showing what it went for . Not saying it's not worth £700 just think fair is fair .. Anyway that's me done and @Velocio if I done wrong then ban me not my intention .. Thank you good night much love

  • How much are the Shamals and groupset?

  • Banning you...? I'm just trying to show clarity to accusations. I sell many bits on here and for very fair prices and for many years. Thank you and good morning to you

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FS: Eddy Merckx MX Leader

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