• I think its because they're google photos- as CS says, no new photos.

  • You might need to set them as public?

  • it doesn't werk

  • Bloody google photos....

    Please find new items photos via this link for now...


  • Can some one help me to confirm all photos are now working?? THANKS X

  • Hi all working for me

  • Phew ~ Thank you!

  • Sorry confused by this thread, looks like everything sold 2 years ago and now it's back up for sale or am I being really really dim??

    What's left and what are the prices? Thanks vm..

  • oh! Sorry for the confusion!

    Everything listed with pictures are currently available!!

    All the previously sold items are listed at the very bottom as sold.

    I'll update the thread again, thanks for bringing that up, I just didn't want to start a new thread thats all.

    LOOK al464p
    CAAD5 R2000si

    Final price drop..
    Cannondale 2.8 series R2000 £300 ->£200.... Come on, help me out here...

  • okay thanks, no worries, some nice things there. That yellow CAAD is....rad.


  • Buy it and you'll be ready for summer! ;)

  • I actually tried to get someone to post me one of these from the states once...

    I'll procrastinate about it for a bit whilst someone else snaps it up, then I'll 2nd dibs in case it falls through.

    The need is so low at the moment, I already have another old cannondale waiting to be built up.

  • LOOK al464p ---- SOLD

  • whats the sizes on the capos

  • red 54 black 52

  • damn son, too small

  • Is that a carbon steerer on the yellow CAAD 5? What's the steerer length?

  • I think it’s carbon steerer, will double check and update you the steerer length when I get home later :)

  • Not a carbon steerer apparently, steerer length is 185mm

  • Ah no worries, not for me, nice collection anyhow, glws

  • 2.8 series R2000 + yellow Caad5 R2000


    Whoop whoop!

  • capo black still available?

  • It is still available, but I'm currently away in Asia until mid-August.

    I can drop you a message when I return to see if you're still interested.

  • Black Capo


    Red Capo 54cm still available

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FS: *Price Drop* - Cannondale CAPO / RED 54cm / 03rd/OCT/2019 - SOLD

Posted by Avatar for kng @kng