Old lens on new cameras

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  • Anyone on here have experience using old film lens on digital camera? In particular interested if anyone has experience using old lens on the Fuji X series cameras?

  • Yes, it is a lot of fun. I've mainly used pentax/takumar lenses on a canon DSLR; my brother has an XT1 which he's tried a few things with, I think maybe Nikkor lenses among others.

    I have to say though, shooting film on a manual focus camera is still more fun.

    The XT1 is pretty cool because the focus peaking still works, whereas with a Canon SLR you are on your own with focusing. Not that it is any different from using any other lens in manual, I just prefer using a split screen for manual focusing, so give me an F2 with film anyday over a DSLR with an old lens. I'm terrible at manual focusing, clearly.

    What are you planning on using?

  • I am using the Leica lenses on my X Pro 1 using their adapter

  • My mate uses old Olympus lenses on his XE1 and I use a bunch of super takumar lenses with a canon adaptor.

    The fujis are way better for this as they have focus peaking whereas modern dslrs lack any real visual focusing aids. My adaptor is electronic so kind of tells the camera when something's focused but it's not reliable and thinks every lens is f/1.4

  • I use a 50mm f1.8 Zeiss Pancolar on an A6000, the peaking makes it easier but it's still easy to get an out of focus shot, especially on moving objects, but I paid £25 for the lens and to get the equivalent quality with a modern lens I'd need to pay 10 times that amount.

  • Yes, used loads of old MF lenses on a Fuji X-E2 with great success; focus peaking makes it a joy. One thing: the quality of adapters varies enormously. I've had a couple which are so tight that they've prematurely worn the lens mount on the camera body, and others which are looser than a wizard's sleeve.

  • Lots of Olympus OM lenses on my Olympus OM-D E-M1 work well and focus peaking is a winner.

  • Yeah, I have the old EM5 and I'm stuck with the art filter focus peaking workaround.

  • despite having some alright modern lenses I have been using old wacky lenses and home brew contraptions 99% of the time.

    the lens used for this photo was old, dismantled so only 1/3rd of it was used and featured fungus and an inner tube to make to work

  • And the result is awesome, great shot.

  • Recently took this for the functional thread on a X-E1 with Helios-44-2 58mm lens and M42 adapter (I also use old OM lenses too on a different adapter and an X-Pro1). The lens is everything a good lens isn't, but that's why people like them. The adapter is a cheap eBay one and it does an alright job. Find the set-up is totally lacking in any sharpness though (£10 lens for you).

    Focus peaking is a great tool but it is still quite easy to get an out of focus shot. I find that I'm limited in how wide I can set the aperture. If I set it all the way open at f2 it is nearly impossible to get the focus where I want it, especially up close.

    The only time I've found this set-up incapable or annoying is in portraits. Being close to the subtly moving subject, opening the aperture wide (shallow DoF) and the time consuming focusing all mean that getting the focus in the right place and capturing that 'right moment' in one image isn't as predictable as with an autofocus lens or split circle focusing.

  • I bought a couple of pop-out lens MF cameras this week, Dacora Digna & Agfa Isola.
    Isola looks more fun so last night I removed the Digna lens and taped it to an M42 spacer & EOS/M42 adaptor.
    I'm off camping this weekend so I'll post some results on Monday

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  • Good thread. Old Nikon n series on new Nikon cameras or canon look great

  • Digna Eos combo.

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  • Old 75mm medium format lens glued to an extension tube. Focusing it is a nightmare as you can tell

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  • Elicar 90mm F2.8 MAcro on Olympus OM-D E-M1

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  • Under the bridge shot is awesome.

  • Wow, these are amazing.

  • Late to this but that. is. fn. awesome.

  • Currently have a Nikon D60 DSLR; and Pentax ME Super and ZX5 (needs repair) film SLRs. Not really invested in lenses for either system - just the kit lens for the Nikon, and a 50mm and 2x zoom for the Pentax's.

    Any point in trying to go solely Nikon or Pentax before investing in lenses ?
    Nikon F65 film bodies can be had dirt cheap if I wanted to go that way, and I'm sure there's probably a cheap Pentax digital body (K-M ?) if I wanted to go that way.

    Any recommendations ?

  • A lovely old 28mm f3.5 takumar lens on a Canon 1000D.

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  • Currently using my Sony A7 with a mixture of 80's Minolta Dynax AF lenses and this lovely Canon 85mm FD 1.8. Sharp AF

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  • Hi guys,

    I'm selling my awesome Elicar 90mm 1:1 macro lens and M4/3 adaptor, it has done great service on my OM-D E-M1.

    It's is Olympus OM-System fit so can also be used on any OM film camera.

    I'm looking for £150 plus postage.

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  • Ok, this is probably a really stupid question that I suspect I know the answer to already. But...
    I have an old Century Optics fisheye I used to use for skate filming. (37mm 'baby death lens'). Is there any way I could mount this on a Sony A6500? I presume it's just way too narrow to mount to any lens for the camera?

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Old lens on new cameras

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