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  • Hello! I'm new to this forum and I'm only 17 years old. I've got experience with bikes, I must have fixed up a bike or 6. to gain a little credibility, here is a before and after picture of my latest "restoration". but this is not what I want to talk about. It's about a French porteur bike I found online. I have to say I fell in love, but I fear my pockets won't be deep enough for this one... What would you pay for this bike? A little rough and needs new wheels really. Is it hard to build wheels myself?

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  • I can't seem to post the after photo, what is the usual way to post pics on this forum?

  • porteur

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  • porteur

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  • That's a great looking porteur. I bet you need to spend far less on it than you think.
    That needs dismantling, polishing and consumables. T-cut the paintwork(carefully), clean and degrease everything then worry about what may or not need replacing.
    I've tarted up worse for well under £100 in parts and a few evenings/weekends lazy work.
    I'd swap the cottered chainset for a Specialites T.A one tho.

    EDIT- sounds like you're asking what it's worth as is, not how much to do it up as it sounds like you know what you're doing. My mistake.
    If it's rare it might be worth a lot depending on who made it or it could be worth £50 right now. I like it...
    What's the seller asking? The pedals/chainset/saddle/rear light all look a bit cheap and 1970's but the frame/'guards/rack all look quality so worth a punt.

  • If those brake levers are Clb's then it's def worth a few quid as nice pairs were silly money a few years ago when I wanted some.

  • @Skülly might be able to restore that saddle for you where the stitching has rotted away.

  • Wow thanks @edmundro for the fast response. You think I could maybe refurbish the wheels? (just new spokes) The brand is Alleliua and probably rare, but not really desired as far as I researched it. The rear drum brake might be something special/uncommon? Here's a picture of the brake levers. It's up for bid, last bid is 65 euros (about 45 - 50 £ if i'm not mistaken)

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  • Hey, welcome to the forum and nice porteur! I think you should dismantle, clean and polish everything and keep it as original as possible. If you still want to sell it after that, why not.

  • Hmm levers don't look that fancy up close.
    The bike as a whole looks great tho.
    Wheels can be rebuilt I'm sure if the hubs are still good. Lots of online guides for how to measure spoke length etc. I've never done it myself so will defer to someone else's greater knowledge!
    Drum brakes are pretty simple so if you can open it it'll be fine and sure you'll be able to get it working.

    What's good is that it looks like nothing is missing. Like someone got a puncture, parked it up and forgot about it.

  • Saddle reminds me of

  • I agree that overall it looks like a solid bike. How far would you go as far as price is concerned? (I would like to stay south of 300 euros in total) But with the 650B size I'm afraid that's not going to be easy...

  • I'm no expert on such things I must admit so I couldn't advise. I've never paid more than £100 for a barn find bike and prefer free!
    I guess rebuilding the wheels will be your biggest cost but until you strip it down and start buying parts it's hard to say. If there's anything broken or non-serviceable that needs replacing it could add up. That's why I'd strip and clean everything to see what you actually have before spending anything.
    General consumables should be cheap as chips. Sjs has 650b tyres for £10 each.

    Just remember that old French stuff uses different threads for bb and headset so can be problematic. I bet it just needs chain, grease, tyres and rebuilding. I've cleaned wheels that rough looking and ridden them without dying.

  • Thanks! I think I'll just go for it and try to pick it up for under 100 euros. The man also has a brooks saddle advertised for 50 euros so I might try to make a deal with him.

  • Nice Porteur ,I picked this up 18 months ago for £41 on ebay.

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  • I like it! Is it from the seventies?

  • I think so,haven't really been able to find out much about it. It has a torpedo coaster brake. When I Google the name I get a car shop in Marseille.

  • Why would you spend 50€ on a non original saddle you don't need for the build if you're trying to stick to a budget? Original saddle looks great and just needs stitches.

  • Why would you spend 50€ on a non original saddle you don't need for the build if you're trying to stick to a budget? Original saddle looks great and just needs stitches.

    This ^
    I'd clean, polish, service etc every single bit and see where that leaves you - Personally I'd stick with the original saddle - fixing it up will give you a greater sense of accomplishment than simply replacing it! (IMO)
    It might be that the majority of the rust cleans off

  • ^ exactly. As I said upthread I bet it just got parked up and forgotten after a puncture etc. Obviously stored indoors not outside over that time so would imagine the vast majority of the rust is purely cosmetic.
    That saddle looks perfect for the position you'll sit in on that bike.

    Don't spend a single penny until everything you already have has been fixed up to the best of your abilities.

  • I'm afraid the bike was sold last Friday for 65 euros because the ad was gone when I wanted to put a bid in. I'm really pissed off.

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B 650 porteur advice

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