Anyone lived in Manchester?

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  • Anyone here lived in Manchester or know the city?

    If I wanted to find an area like south side/Shawlands/Newlands/clarkston down there, where would/should I be looking?

    I'm thinking that with Manchester being a bit bigger than Glasgow I'll be looking at further out from the city centre than shawlands is from Glasgow city centre eh?

  • Paging @rhb and @snottyotter

    I lived there as a student, and loved it, but that was a long, long time ago.

  • Also paging @alialias & @Kompute

    Manchester or know the city?

    If I wanted to find an area like south side/Shawlands/Newlands/clarkston

    Whatdo you like about the above? From a quick google on Shawlands I reckon Castlefield or Northern Quarter both central mcr might be similar. Depends what you're after though?

  • Similar in what way? It's quite hard to get a feel of a place by googling it's name (don't know Glasgow at all really).
    Northern Quarter is great for bars, a few indie shops etc, but will probably cost you an arm and a leg to live in now. Ancoats is more residential but right on the outskirts of NQ, got some cool little places and a ridiculous amount flats to choose from. Castlefield I know less well but I get the impression it might be a little more yuppie.

  • Waiting on snotty to come and shout about levy

  • Cheers, will have a look at those areas.

    Where I am the now is pretty quiet but easy walking distance to area with loads of cafes, supermarket etc.

  • Aye sorry, posted this in the Glasgow forum hoping to get people that had lived in or knew both cities, didn't realise so many people would see and respond!

    Its hard to say what I like about where I am the now without comparing to other parts of Glasgow!

    I suppose I'm looking for/would be happy with an area that's pretty residential but near an area with cafes and shops. Good transport links would be nice as my wife doesn't drive or cycle.

    I'll have a google st the areas mentioned so far.


  • Ancoats is now the place to be if you want bidding wars and very very good pizza (Rudy's), & very trendy chipboard offies (Ancoats general store)

    If you are nearing 30 then Chorlton & Didsbury, both are full of wankers that I constantly complain about, but where else am I gonna get a £6 pint and a £4 sourdough loaf? TBH they are both lovely areas, especially if you like stroking other peoples well coiffured dogs. Also easy to get out to the peaks from, if you can avoid the audi drivers.

    If I was buying i'd maybe be looking at Levenshulme as I think it's maybe about to reach tipping point to being nice, one café, one pub, some kind of vegan market in a carpark this friday. Plus it has an aquarium called GAY LYFE.

  • PS Manchester is a fucking great city, and that's coming from someone born in Liverpool

  • Metro line is good from both Chorlton & Didsbury for getting into town too.

  • Yeah Levenshulme and Hulme/Whalley Range seem to be the up and coming areas. Chorlton has been the hip end for decades now I think, and is pretty expensive. I live there and love it though. Wouldn't go for didsbury myself. There are some nice bits but more wankers?

    +1 for it being great. Came here in 2010 and never looked back.

  • I'm in Didsbury and getting fed up of it TBH, it's basically only Folk I bother with, walk into Chorlton fairly often.

    I think Hulme/Whalley range struggle with a lack of retail space for cafes/bars. Hillary step is nice, but it wears thin on the 100th visit. Plus Whalley range (Now seemingly known as Chorlton borders) is hardly cheap.

    I think Levy is calling. I'm already obsessed with Superstore so an even further abundance of Asian supermarkets massively appeals. Lime pickle with everything. Plus I can probably afford an actual house. Snotty otter come sing it's praises some and convince me?

  • I lived in Whalley Range for a year as a student, there was a distinct lack of pubs due, I think, to the area being owned by Quakers, although that's probably a myth. It was rough as back then, but has improved I think.

  • Right, bit of googling done.

    Ancoats and Castlefield are too central for me. Prefer somewhere a bit more out of town. Withington looks nice from a few clicks around streetview and what's on offer on rightmove.

    This is all highly, highly hypothetical by the way. I've not even been to the interview yet.

  • Withington is a fair bit more studenty. I know some grads who live there not many.

  • Withington does have Withington Fruit & Veg though (Great shop), and Alladin's (Incredible BYOB Syrian), and the Turnpike (Very cheap, mildly racist pints). I think it depends what part you end up in (Essentially Didsbury end is nicer).

  • Also Fuel, good veggie cafe with decent music nights.
    I'd probably live there, just thought I'd warn about many students.

  • There's a lot of nice mountainbiking in the triangle formed by Manchester, Bolton and Bury, which covers the Irwell and Croall valleys. Sustrans NCN Route 6 runs through here, so you can be off-road on on backstreets all the way down to Salford Central rail station.

    Where will you both be working?

  • Was a myth - it was just too posh for pubs, originally. The one that was there has gone...

  • It sounded like a myth. I never went in the pub, someone was murdered in there the week I moved in and it put me off. My house mate's boyfriend was good for buying booze on his way over most evenings so no need to venture out. If we did we used to walk to Chorlton.

  • I lived there too, in my final year. Was alright, cheap as and fairly accessible to most nightlife.

  • Where will you both be working?

    That's the hypothetical part.

    Job I'm interviewing for is in the velodrome. Mrs MV currently works as a receptionist in a piercing studio and is trying to establish her/our own business selling mostly lasercut jewellery online so she might just dedicate herself to that a bit more, though the lasercutter we use is in Glasgow so dunno how that'd work...

  • There's FabLab near the canal that links Piccadilly to the velodrome, booking time on their lasers on a commercial basis might be viable.

  • I lived in Manchester for several years as I trained for my job. I never got on well with the city and was very glad when I relocated to Glasgow. I lived in a converted mill near Ancoats, very central though a characterless shit hole full of crime, avoid. The northern quarter is the only decent spot in town which is rather small and generally swarmed but no place to live, good for going out though. If I ever had to move back I would look to live in Chorlton or Didsbury, they are the places similar to what you mentioned, though you pay a big premium to live there, think west end prices plus.

  • I think that might be closed unfortunately. I think there is a hackspace or makerspace or something still somewhere though.
    +1 for Manchester being expensive though

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Anyone lived in Manchester?

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