Steaming Surly Rollergeddon

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  • 2 x Adults and 6x Cygnets, quite a large family.

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  • Break out of the woods and the dead end to open basin and Whixall Marina.

    Can smell foods here. Towpath reverts back to thick grass.

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  • Rent-a-sheds

    Seen a few others tucked away in fields.

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  • Foodie shot

    Show me the food.

    Bacon/beans/cheese on toast and frothy coffee £7.60

    Lived dangerously, didn't lock bike.

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  • Escaped another route that took me through a farm.
    Met some large tractors with massive trailers of hay/straw, found tarmac again and fields of Sheeps.

    The Black sheep, another odd one out :)

    Gentle ride, maxed at 26mph, did 9.3 miles and had food.

    Might adjust bar angle. Saddle fine/comfy, gear ratio ok. Tarmac quite smooth too in the lanes.

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  • That looks delicious!

    Countryside/cycle route looks very nice, too.

  • Been looking on the OS map.

    And it appears that National cycle route 455 and 45 cross at Whixall.
    Need to look at actual cycle route site.

    small Aerodrome not far with a public Cafe too, could boat and plane in one ride out :)

  • I love your ride reports. They are like slam poetry.

  • googles slam poetry....

  • Wow
    That's a thing then. Learnt something new today.

  • I lie

  • I am Artiste and Poet unwillingly.

    I am 'cult'ure

  • thats right, spelt with "l" and not an "n" :)

  • Rather than clutter the TT thread I shall stay here.

    Did find 2x 10 mile circuits north of Telford, haven't gone for a deep look online to see how active they are yet.

    While unpacking and finding things I should have binned.... got 2 saddles, that's a weight weenie trick for the short TT's and hillclimbers to pull the saddle apart.
    Going in the bin anyway, slightly bent rails from Tree. Do have the weight written down somewhere. Saddles going on a diet for science.

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  • Bit of Art and Culture

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  • Turns out after removing cover and staples and foam this old saddle is still heavier than 2 other complete ones I have.

    In space no one can hear you scream.

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  • And don't forget to check the toilet before sitting down.... !

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Steaming Surly Rollergeddon

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