Steaming Surly Rollergeddon

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  • So the Dolan FXE i bought not so long ago has served it's purpose.
    Honestly can not fault the Dolan, it scratched an itch which needed doing, i needed to try a modern Alu frame and now it's time for steel again. Steel is real :) (and comfy)­GtM

    I have nearly bought a Steamroller a couple of times in the past, but the time was wrong, and funds, i regret not getting one several years ago with Monk.
    Monk is my Karate Monkey, so i am well versed in caning the crap out of a Surly. I have tried to kill Monk a couple of times but it just shrugs the abuse off.

    Hopefully the Roller will be as fun, lets get some, and go again :)­058

  • I have seen several Rollers on here but they get dibs'ed real quick.

    This one didn't, i even bumped LambsYam sales thread as it was a killer deal, and i was sure it wouldn't fit me.

    I had a late night moment of clarity.
    I forgot to factor in headset stack as the Dolan is intergrated, so i dig out the the headset i have stashed from another bike and measure up again....... the Roller is on a par with the Dolan but with a slacker seat tube, maybe slightly slacker head tube. I reckon i can fit a 56 and not a 59cm frame.

    Strangely the frame hasn't gone yet and another price drop.
    Call Dibs, closely followed by another.

    New ground for me, my first forum purchase (should have been a forum summer cap).
    Some PM's
    I arrange to meet a complete stranger in Londons dangerous London with a wad of cash on me.

    I have to look for a fella with a piss-yellow frame and he has to look for a lanky hell's angel thing.
    Communication was excellent, i travelled in on the train to St Panc's, chopped down to E&C on the tube, and within minutes of arriving, LambsYam appeared and the deal was done.

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  • Kind of a weird Karma thing going on.
    The colour is Drink More Water Yellow, or in other words, dark piss yellow.

    When i got Monk, i went on a jolly with Charlie the Bikemonger, i ended up getting dangerously dehydrated, and a few days later was in hospital, not so much dark yellow, more like cloudy pink grapefruit juice with juicy bits, pain was an understatement. That was my first encounter with Surlys, so kind of Kismet that the frame colour matches my previous encounter :)

    LambsYam is off to upgrade another project, me and Roller escaped from Elephants and all wrapped up in bin bags.

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  • As the Muswell hill bicycle jumble was on, we ventured north.

    The tube was strangely quiet and pleasant for the time of day.

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  • Scary quiet

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  • Muswell Hill jumble was very good.
    I only bought some brake cable outer. It's well worth a visit.

    Not sure, maybe one for anti porn, actually quiet liked it, needs black rims.

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  • With the lack of sleep catching up with me, i ventured back south to St Pancs.
    Had a strawberry yoghut smoothie and bagged a seat on the High Speed train.

    Knowing the Roller came from Brixton and should have been a London bike, we must return when built up.
    Perhaps i should appoint Amey as build consultant, but i can't afford him or his spec list.

    No one wanted to sit next to us on the train, Roller had space to sit with me.

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  • Hope.

    It's kind of sad that LambsYam had to sell.
    I think he is happy that i will build up and ride on with his dream.
    It was a pleasure to meet today.
    Maybe we can meet again (cue Vera Lynn) and hack around London.

    Back home and start unpacking, Lambs had added some foam padding and i had some packing material from the Dolan, all arrived intact.

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  • First proper look.
    And break out the budget kitchen scales.
    Frame 56cm 2087g (need to check Surly center2center or center2top)
    Fork uncut 986g
    Seat clamp 50g (improved version over that fitted to Monk, chunky but bomproof)
    Cage bolts x2 6g
    Frame is black in tubes, i belive they have started coating now for anti rust, which is nothing that normal frame care and a squirt of WD40 or GT85 down the tubes takes care of.
    Headset FSA Orbit XLII in red 101g

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  • Phised now.

    So happy when i got home with a bottle of fizz.
    Mrs 853 had been to a coffee morning (work) and left a bag of cakes for me.
    Does it get any better.
    New frameset, bottle of fizz and free cake

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  • Going to sit here and just ping steel tubes on Surls.

    Dolans don't ping, thats not normal

  • Surly Steamroller: The Novel.

    When's the next chapter?

  • I may need to vomit first

    then have a steak for tea

    living the dream

    lamyam is awesome

    Londoners where like actually friendly today.

    I may try and set a headset tomorrow, might write the frame if i try now.
    Needs motre metal­5u8

  • i cant set a headset right now without fucking it up, waited a long time for a Roller

  • happy

  • actually @853Superfly, I already told you, this rambling on in your own thread makes for an amusing read, mostly because the fun just radiates from it. looking fwd to the build!

  • A gem of a thread

  • Bikes need a name.

    Was drunkenly debating last night about Henry. Might go with Rollins, either way it would involve more Rollins band vids.

    Talking to inanimate objects on the train means no one will sit next to you :)

    Need paint, think there is a hobby shop nearby, talking model paint and brushes like warhammer stuff.
    Need Danger club, always try to Danger club on a Sunday.

    This afternoon the troubled birthing process will begin with a headset.

    Quick stop at Berlin on the way :)­i7s

  • Keeping you lot on your toes, it's Sunday morning with mild hangover, not really Rollins time :)

  • Loving the playlist -keep going

  • Bit of painting.
    Turns out i got brushes a bit large, and i am really crap at freehand painting.
    First forum purchase, so marking the occasion, and LambsYam was not super happy about about selling so in a way he gets to be part of the lifecycle of this bicycle.

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  • Attacked the fork.
    Was thinking of lug lining too, but maybe not.
    Splash of colour lifts things, a nod back to classic days of lugged frames.

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  • Kinda got carried away.
    Easy enough to undo things......

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  • Oh, chunky cast seat clamp, you look so dull.......

    Needs some finishing off.

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Steaming Surly Rollergeddon

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