Rim straighting thingy?

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  • Morning... Have one flat spot on an otherwise perfectly good(enough) Weinmann concave front wheel. It's off a c.1983 Raleigh Quasar, so have a matching black pair with Malliard hubs and a 6-speed helio-thingy freewheel.
    Must have been quite a kerb-stop to make the dent, but was wondering if anyone had one of those tools that you put in between the hub and the rim and them 'untighten' to push the flat area back out?
    Have seen the tool on google-searches but a. they're as rare as and b. all my LBS's tell me not to bother / they don't have one.
    Would like to save the wheel set and get it back on the bike. Have advertised to find another wheel but again, no luck...

  • No idea what the tool is but ive used an adjustable spanner as a lever

  • It's tricky, and as the rim's concave, I think spannering might do more harm! Will have a look, mind you...

  • hmmm sounds tricky.... good luck

  • cheers! pictures of a solution (and bashed knuckles) to follow...

  • Buy yourself one of these, a length of threaded rod. A couple of bits of wood or plastic for the ends and make your own tool.


  • Now, that's a blooming good idea - cheers freezing77, will do exactly that.

  • Right, so after a quick trip to ToolStation, £4.56 (for the turnbuckle and some threaded rod), assembled a 'tool' this morning that I've now unflattened the rim with. Marvelous. Well, almost. The wheel's still a bit shonky, despite my ministrations to true it (not really got the patience...), but it'll get me by until something better turns up. Had to replace a spoke as well.
    Clearly this kind of thing's well beyond the bounds or warranty's, so would only ride on this myself and never sell it on.
    You can see in the pics how I made an 'end' with some washes and a bit of old Ikea (from memory) curved bracket. This end sat on the hub. The hook end then wedged and tightened into the rim, which was a gift as the concave meant it sat snuggly in place.
    Did all this with the wheel sat in a old fork, held in a vice.
    Of course, it helps to have a. shed, b. with a old bench, c. with a big old vice, d. a pair of mole-grips, e. an old fork and f. some determination. Whichever, really pleased I had a go. And really pleased to have stumbled on the forum :-)
    BTW, if anyone wants to a lend of my new 'Rim-Tru-Errr', just let me know.

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Rim straighting thingy?

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