WANTED road or cx bike to borrow (!) c55cm

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  • ok, i know this is a bit of a longshot.... but i need to borrow a road or cx bike (c.55cm but am flexible) to commute 8-10 miles each way to work while my other bike gets finished/repaired. hopefully for 2 months or fewer. if you have something sitting around and you can spare it for a good deed, i'd be inexpressibly grateful, i've been waiting about 18 months for this other bike to get done and i'm bored shitless of riding brakeless every day, had to sell every other bike i had. anyway blah blah sob story, if you've got anything remotely suitable fling me a pm. forumengers can, i hope, attest to my non-idiocy. also i won't crash it. i'll buy you something nice in the near future to say thank you. many thanks in advance

  • I have a 14 speed Peugeot 56cm you can use.

    All you have to do is maintain it and replace the bartape and brake hoods before returning it to me.



WANTED road or cx bike to borrow (!) c55cm

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