Fox hunting and other country matters

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  • Why do we find fox hunting morally repugnant? Is it the death of the animal, perceived enjoyment at the death of the animal, or a distaste for the culture that surrounds it? Blair banned it, but then he went to war. Discuss.

  • Cunts.

  • "The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible".

  • You've put two letters too many in the fifth word.

    Seem to remember the Tory Parliamentary Party to a man & woman voted for the Iraq War.


    45 foxhounds vs one fox, that's a sporting chance only cunts will try to defend. I've never like foxes to be honest, killed our rabbit in our back garden a few years ago.

    I should have spread Vaseline mixed with Tabasco sauce on our garden wall. So when he slipped off then licked his paws, he'd not return in a hurry.

  • Well maybe we should have a referendum on it.

  • It's interesting that fox hunting only occurs after the crops are cut in fields. I recall the Bicester Hunt was on Boxing Day, cunts all of them.

    Also I remember some woods near Banbury where we couldn't go, ironically because foxes were breeding. Im guessing this was so there was stock for hunting later in life.

  • Theres evidence they breed cubs or steal them and keep them at the kennels. So much for "pest" control. Bastards. Phenomenally inhumane. Banging on about livestock and chickens, I think you'll find you're on the foxes turf, a fox is just being a fox.

  • Fucking troll thread. If you need to ask the question, you're as much a cunt as the twats on the horses.

  • There is a lot of misinformation about foxes, in all honesty they can make the difference between profit and loss on a small sheep farm by killing newborn lambs. But, and it is a huge but, hunting is an inefficient method of fox control and as bloody stupid as morris dancing. Worse, the hunting fraternity have been known to insist that no other form of control is allowed on their tenant farms. Nobody in the country wants to see every fox shot, but when it is your livelihood shooting becomes necessary. Blatting around on an expensive charger in ludicrous clothing is not fox control, it is barbarous idiocy.

  • I have no problem with shooting foxes. It's hunting with dogs that bother me, so i support the ban.­/37/pdfs/ukpga_20040037_en.pdf­/contents

  • Fuck me, you are the Katie Hopkins of lfgss.

  • What worries me is that, given his username, there may be 9998 more of him to come.

  • It's 2017.

    Are we really discussing if it's okay to rip animals apart with dogs?

  • Yep. If you want to kill them fine. Getting ripped apart by dogs is not. Have been on two hunts. One caught nothing but the second I was bloodied. Now I am not a fox fan but I don't want an animal to suffer the way a fox in a pack of dogs is attacked.

  • Fox hunting with dogs isn't really hunting for the humans is it, its strutting round on horses while the dogs do the hunting.

    Wouldn't it be more fun to be riding round with rifles instead anyway?

    On another note, I suspect that foxes killing livestock might be hugely exaggerated. A good friend of the family farms 1,000 acres in the peak district and reckons he sees one or two foxes a year on his land. He reckons he has never lost livestock to a fox either, apart from when he used to have a chicken coop for his family. For comparison, he reckons he loses up to 6 lambs a year to badgers.

    I know that is just one guy, but I hear a lot of townies talking about the scourge of foxes for farmers and my sample size of one says that is bollocks. Jus sayin'

    I guess it could just be the nature of this particular guy's land.

  • Do badgers and foxes compete for territory?

  • Iirc my grandfather stopped the local hunt crossing his land, mostly due to them being a massive bunch of cunts who knacker the hedges, litter everywhere and leave gates open.
    They keep horses, do point to points and grandad is as much a gun-toting farmer as the next guy but that's still a mile away from dressing like a twat specifically to take pleasure in ripping animals apart.

    One of my colleagues is deeply pro hunt(also well into deer stalking for food), we had a proper good debate yesterday and although I am completely fine with him filling his freezer he couldn't justify mounted hunt beyond 'because tradition' but catagorically refused to accept it was cruel in any way at all :/

  • I guess the argument is that dogs killing animals is a fairly natural thing. Nature is cruel.

    Or at least it would be if the whole thing wasn't staged for purposes of socialising.

  • No. Foxes will avoid taking on badgers because they are bigger, heavier, stronger, better defended from attack and generally more badass to be honest. Foxes are typically 5-7kg but badgers are more like 7-13kg.

    However, they're often spotted feeding very close to each other. The badgers seem to be fine with this as long as the foxes don't get too close or compete too much for food.

    Foxes will often take up residence in empty badger setts and there have been tales of cohabitation but that would be in two separate parts of a large sett.

  • Turn the tables... have the foxes hunt the cunts on horseback.
    Everything is wrong fox hunting, the people, the death of an innocent animal, the culture. It's truly disgusting in any way, shape and form

  • Cheers for that, I was wondering if the badgers might be keeping the foxes away from Stonehedge's friend's land.

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Fox hunting and other country matters

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