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  • Bank junction is going to ban all non bus motor vehicles from Monday 22nd.

    It will be interesting to see how it affects the wider area.­/transport-and-streets/traffic-managemen­t/Pages/Bank-On-Safety.aspx

  • Hooray

  • Gonna come that way especially for the jam-dodging lols.

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  • Bus traffic is 70% am peak traffic so don't expect any great change to cycling conditions

  • I rode through that junction at that time every day for 10 years.

    That graph is wrong.

    1 in 1000 vehicles being a lorry over 7.5tonnes at Bank, in the morning, bollocks.

  • I don't understand, it was quieter than usual but cars/small vans in the junction when I went through.

  • Two week amnesty apparently, they get warning letters first.

  • Well that was a fucking joke. Can't blame drivers for carrying on as normal when there were no road signs (that I could see). SNAFU.

  • Loads of signs like this one on the approach

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  • Still loads of commercial traffic going through though like this

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  • My bad. I didn't expect them to put up permanent signs (haven't ridden through there in ages).

  • Still a load of traffic going through this morning. Other than the signs, I don't understand how this is going to be enforced? Will they have cameras and fine drivers?

  • The fact that Black cabs are not allowed makes me think Uber have paid someone or are behind this in some way, also the fact that Buses are allowed means its not a safety issue...

  • I haven't noticed a load of difference really. I go South East > Westend in the morning which maybe a bit quieter, Westend > South East in the evening is just the same having to cross the junction from Cheapside/Poultry to go down King William Street towards Monument.

  • There are ANPR cameras and fines in the future. Two week amnesty for now though.

  • If anyone proposed a two week amnesty to allow cyclists to get used to No Cycling signs the media would shit their pants in fury.

  • I cycled through last night and was a little surprised at the number of black cabs with their world renowned local knowledge that didn't seem to know about the change :(

  • Ironically now that the junction is mostly traffic I've had more close calls in the last couple days than in the previous 2 years of going that route daily.
    The few cars that are still using it are getting a lovely free run up at the junction and because it's all so empty, many of them are not bothering to slow down to check if anything is coming in the opposite direction before making a right turn.

    Lots more pedestrians walking straight out into the mostly empty roads around the junction without taking a single glance too.

  • Fenchurch Street and Leadenhall Street were very quiet the past couple of days so the knock-on effects appear positive.

    It not the end of the world if we all have to slow down a bit when travelling through the junction to allow for dozy peds.

  • I totally agree on that, but the speeding vehicles turning across the junction are now way more of a threat than they were before.
    Hopefully as the fines start rolling out that'll become non issue though as they'll all be gone.

    I've barely seen any HGVs going through so that's a good sign!

  • I've seen tons of HGVs going through, though the other night there was a policewoman forcing vehicles and motorbikes to turn around and find another route.

  • One black cabbie was so cross he confronted Daniels at a dinner. Cabbie's had his licence revoked:­839895689169678336

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Bank junction

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