Anyone on HUEL?

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  • Ordered two TGC and one Tomato. Very curious to try!

    Verdict. Have only tried the TGC. 210ml water is too much for me, I'll use probably 180ml or so. It was a bit too thin. Also it needs closer to 10 mins than the stated 5 to properly re-hydrate. And the pot it comes with isn't watertight, so don't do what I did and immediately shake it all over your kitchen....

    Flavour is OK, gets a bit meh as you go on. Jury is out for me

  • Tomato one is not unpleasant but is a bit bland, bit of nutritional yeast and balsamic vinegar perks it up a bit.

    Did exactly this. Still fairly nasty, the Balsamic covered the taste a bit.

    Still don't rate this flavour at all. The green beans in it are particularly stringy and tough and get stuck in your teeth.

  • Yeah the green beans never seem to rehydrate and are starting to get on my nerves too, nearly finished the tomato bag and won't reorder that but still enjoying the TGC!

  • Yeah TGC is so much better

  • On to my second Huel order. Liked the vanilla but chocolate was a bit dull. Any recommendations for other flavours (coffee/banana?)

  • Anybody want to buy?

    Unused/unopened, best before April next year.

    Black Edition:
    1x Vanilla
    1x Chocolate

    Need to collect E10 7PD before Saturday night.

    £20 each or £30 both.

  • Mint chocolate is alright

  • Ye I'll take them, I'll PM you.

  • Np, replied.

  • Ta, will give that a go.

  • I like the Berry one. Don't buy coffee if you drink coffee, from my experience you rapidly tire of it. Original Vanilla is miles better than the so called improved. Personally mint choc reminds me of that stuff I used to take for a bad stomach, but that's probably just the odd way my head works.

  • Cool. Tend to have a coffee along with a shake for breakfast and usually avoid anything coffee flavoured anyway (apart from proper cake).

  • I really like the berry too. Takes a bit of time to get used to it tasting like a yoghurt but feeling like, well, Huel.
    Enjoying all flavours more now I blend them with a few ice-cubes.

  • Enjoying all flavours more now I blend them with a few ice-cubes.

    Having it cold is so much better.
    Blended with ice or pre chill the water in the fridge

  • I pre mix mine the night before and leave it in the fridge. Goes loads thicker too which I like.

  • Coffee Caramel. Absolutely rancid. Don't know why I expected it would be any better than the ordinary coffee one which is equally if not slightly more rank.

  • I blend mine with the frozen "smoothie mix" you can get from various supermarkets. Tasty depression meal.

    Anyone on the Hot Huel other than EB?

  • I'm still on the hot Huel! I really like it. Only the Thai Green Chilli though, the Tomato and Herb is absolutely gopping

  • Oh my god that is absolutely amazing. I really did laugh.

  • Just had my first taste of v3.0 original - stronger vanilla taste. Not keen but I'm sure I'll forget the old taste soon enough.
    Reading through the changelog and had to snort at the fact they changed the 'meal' size of huel to 400kcal, basically so they can say it costs less per meal.

  • Hot Huel Mexican is pretty good. I've got two of the three new flavours on order, Madras and Sweet and Sour

  • After my initial scepticism which I’m sure I posted about at the start of this thread, I am coming off furlough next week and thinking hot huel could be a good idea to stop me slipping back into the poor eating habits I used to have at work.

    I had a bit of a look around for alternatives as I was a bit put off by having to buy three bags of something I might really not be into but it seems like most of the others are still just on the powdered gunk stuff which I don’t find appetising at all.

    I did find Jimmy Joy Plenny Pots which have a much smaller minimum order quantity but each meal has its own pot which just seems wasteful.

    How does huel fair for providing enough energy for say if I wanted to go for a ride after work? I’ve failed to eat enough during the day and bonked on after work rides before.

  • The Hot and spicy works better the longer you leave it to hydrate; hours, not minutes as stated!

  • Absolutely. Less water, more time

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Anyone on HUEL?

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