Anyone on HUEL?

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  • Hmm... I think you're on to something there...

  • Double the serving and it might be a decent vegan bikepacking meal. :)

  • Is it dried and you re-hydrate it I take it?

  • Interesting, I remember being given a freebie healthy just add water 1 pot meal a while ago and thinking it was good but very wasteful, 'why doesn't anyone just bulk sell this stuff!'

    Luckily for me, I'm not trying to lose weight but that makes this expensive, about £5-7 for a decent meal.

  • I like the way they build up the product for ages before actually saying you add water to it to prepare it, almost like someone in marketing said "look, it's not a pot noodle, we have to get people past thinking that" Lol.

  • I mean, if I were back in the office I'd probably get a pouch as a quick lunch backup. Looks a lot healthier than a pot noodle or a Pret sandwich.

  • But to be fair, it is a perfectly balanced pot noodle with all the minerals and vitamins you could need...

    Wait for Pot Noodle people to launch a Pot Hueldle in response!

  • I find it incredible how calorific most supermarket sandwiches are. Fucking cheese salad and it'll be nigh on 500 calories. WTF?!

  • Really enjoying Huel Black at the moment. Got chocolate (ok) and coffee and caramel (really nice).

    So much easier when I'm tied to my desk all day, to have it pre-made in the fridge. Does mean I'm spending my entire day (8am to 6pm) sat in one place but at least the commute doesn't exist...

  • Oh yeah, I'll give it a punt for sure. : ) - Pun of the day by the way...

  • ...Not heard of those flavours, I really am falling behind. I have a HUEL mountain of Berry, and Mint and Choc to get through first from my "lapsed" months! Back on it now.

  • I burp like a monster on supermarket sarnies, God knows why, but it's always a rocky ride. I might be that bread thing intolerant, in my advancing years, lol. I don't keep bread at home anymore as it's a struggle to get to sleep when you have enough gas to power a turbine.

  • Black edition chocolate is good. Coffee and Caramel?! How did I not know about this?!

  • Is anyone actually all-in on Huel? I can't fathom the number of portions needed to fuel my current low training level, let alone when it ramps up. A mix of regular and savoury works out around £330-£420 per month. I get the case for a quick emergency meal.

  • Got some of the new hot Huel arriving today! Kids back at school and wife at work now so can never be bothered preparing lunch for one at home but never really fell like just huel for lunch and usually end up with nutritionally devoid super noodles or a boring sandwich, hopefully this will be a good compromise!

  • Tried the TGC flavour, very pleasant and quite filling. Timing is way off though, still very watery and powdery after the recommended 5 min rest, about 15 mins in total before it took on a nice risotto type texture and creamyness!

  • Anyone got a code they fancy sharing? Feel like giving Huel a go at lunchtime for a month or so.

  • Feel free to post a code someone else, we can all share :)

  • @PhilDAS I forgot to say thanks for the code usage out the other day :)

  • No, thank you!

  • Just about to use this code thanks! Never tried huel before -

    Code for anyone else


  • That's some valuable feedback, I'm going to get a couple of bags of TGC myself. Cheers!

  • Cool thanks, hope you enjoy!

    Tomato one is not unpleasant but is a bit bland, bit of nutritional yeast and balsamic vinegar perks it up a bit.

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Anyone on HUEL?

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