Anyone on HUEL?

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  • Used huel for about a year the tried whole fuel as with some discount codes it's less than half price . Would recommend, the vanilla and also chocolate the raspberry not so good .

  • Intrigued definitely. Bit worried about the farts if I'm honest, might have to get on the charcoal tablets too. I'm going to have to drink a shit load of water, but usually do at work anyway.

  • I only have 4 scoops per day usually between two drinks for breakfast and lunch - but it's good to know. It's a bit annoying that they don't just make it the same. The difference you outlined isn't enough to double the price.

  • I'm drinking the Bulk Powders one - I know what you mean about a chalkyness but I don't think it's too bad.

  • First week using huel for mainly lunch but sometimes breakfast. Im finding it alright, its really nice not to have to think about what im having for my lunch the next day or having to put the effort into preparing food the night before. Ended up learning the hard way that I have to just get it down my neck and not sip on it though, really does hit the stomach fast and fill you up!

    I am finding that sometimes I get killer heartburn, unsure if thats just me or has anyone else experienced it? Guess its time to jump on the apple cider vinegar bandwagon and see if it improves.

  • I got heartburn with it. I still do occasionally. Not sure what eased it, might have just got used to it

  • Wondering if anyone had started bringing it into work yet.
    I don't really want to have to explain that I'm eating space food every lunch, or pretend i'm a dude bro with the protein shakes. Probably being a little sensitive but I don't like talking to anyone in the office regardless.

    Also as I nabbed a referral code off here then here is one in return for anyone who needs it. Get your free tenner here!­228fb0e34

  • Yep, every day for months. I'm in a lab with friends, and still get a fair rinsing. A couple have become interested though, and one even bought in.
    It's crap having to explain but when you do, it's clear basically noone enjoys either spending ages preparing food, or spending loads buying decent food, and they generally 'get it' even if they think it's a bit weird.

  • I had a couple of people ask me if it was a protein shake at first but I just explained that it was "lots of other stuff, basically a smoothie" and that seemed to do the trick.

    Been using it every day at work since April so I don't think anyone even notices anymore.

  • I'm a massive bro, so everyone just assumes I'm chugging another pro shake to get more hench

  • Yeah. I'm in an office of only 7 and so for a long time pretty much got away with preparing and drinking them without being noticed.

    My new boss found out though and she has been mentioning it all the time. Quite annoying but after the 6th or 7th time I asked if she wanted to try some in a way that made it clear I was bored of her asking and she's shut up since

  • Am still liking the unflavoured one with a banana or strawberries or blackberries blended in, but it’s obviously less good as a lunch option - particularly as anything high in pectin tends to go a bit jelly-like after a couple of hours in the fridge.

    Wondering if buying one of those portable blenders for work is overkill, though...

  • Definitely not. A loud stick blender screams 'CHALLENGE ME ON MY LUNCH OPTIONS DICKHEAD'.

  • Had my first huel bar last night, actually quite enjoyed it. Dry but tasted okay and the texture wasn't as bad as some protein bars.

  • Just used one of the referral links up page to buy my first lot, not sure if they're one use links or not so heres mine if anyone needs a tenner off­ff9304c7c

  • Luckily I work on different sites often so dont have to put up with much grief. But when im back at the office/workshop I just get slaughtered left right and centre. Is it just me that finds it really difficult to explain what exactly im drinking?

    Telling people its like a diet shake tends to work a little, but then I get a secondary slaughtering for having a 'diet shake' and not shoving microwave pizza down my throat...

  • I'm going back on it. I actually miss the zen simplicity of living on shakes, I found I slept amazingly and had so much more time to play with, plus great energy. I was like Iggy Pop without the yoga and shagging.

  • The farts do settle down, its like switching a leaded car to unleaded is the way I think about it. You'll have some Johnny Fartpants fun for the first month though.

  • Jokes on them, you’ll outlive them all, probably.

  • I'm actually thinking of going back on it for medical reasons, I've been on sertraline for depression and not eating well as my appetite has plummeted, and I've lost a lot of muscle mass, and my sleep patterns knackered . This will at least make sure I get enough of everything.

  • Any update after the 2 boxes of granola? Gf is still intrigued.

  • I stir a measure of ground coffee in to vanilla huel, Lyons from home bargains at 79p is a bit of a bargain. Then I'll do from memory 200mls semi skimmed to 300mls water. Very nice.

  • Granolas ok ..... a bit "gloopy", but they haven't done a bad job on teh taste.... I'm not rushing to get more though

  • Right. No use. Back on it. Enough of this binge eating between meals. Huel seems expensive on paper but it pans out cheaper overall I find. Lunches alone saves me £20 a week. At the mo, struggling with depression the lure of the chippy is all too great.

  • Anyone got a discount code or is looking to shift some unwanted gruel?

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Anyone on HUEL?

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