Anyone on HUEL?

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  • I stay in a hotel during the week for work, finding Huel had been amazing and have it most days for breakfast and dinner. Think the taste had grown on me and actually quite like it now.

    When telling others about it I find people either totally get it and love the idea or think you've completely lost the plot

  • My missus literally got angry when I told her about it.

  • I would say that for me, ideally, I'd eat it every 3 hours to feel satisfied.
    I'm pretty active during the day so I need to keep topped up.
    I'm sure everyone is slightly different though.

    Edit. . . Maybe every 2.5 hours thinking about it. :)

  • Weirdos

  • There's either a marketing push or I inadvertently Googled it because I suddenly started seeing promotions for it everywhere.

    So I bought some. I have no intention of giving up food. Food is amazing. I'm just lazy, busy and tired of spending £6+ on lunches that leave me wanting to sleep all afternoon. Initially bought some as I thought it'd save me a few minutes at the weekend when I get up early to go mountain biking/running. I've also decided to have it for lunch during the week.

    I'm still in the 'it tastes foul' stage. Adding cinnamon to it has made it palatable. Biggest issue I have with it now is that I'm terrified of being seen drinking it from that big, dumb HUEL shaker. Nearly resorted to putting it in a McDonald's milkshake cup so I'd be known as a junk food slob instead of a member of some weird food cult. Additionally, I walked past a pizza shop on my way back from a Huel lunch and nearly wept. Not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up.

    There's no way I could do three Huel meals a day.

  • i barely remember to fill up my waterbottle all day when i stop in offices, let alone every 2.5 hours for huel!

  • Where are you hotshots buying lunch?? Costs me less than a quid a day; crusty roll, butter, pate

  • [redacted]

  • I know someone who can't stomach food till after midday. From the second I wake up I'm working out how quickly and efficiently I can get to the kitchen to shove a coffee and a bowl of cornies down my trap.

  • if you put the cornflakes, milk (and coffee if you felt like it) in a blender and downed the resulting sludge, that's basically what huel tastes like.

    you could be saving precious seconds in your morning.

  • Yeah yeah good point, I could be spending more time in work!

  • I have actually blended Cornflakes and made them into a shake, absolutely delicious, I crush them anyway so I'm halfway there already

  • This is now a cornflakes thread

  • This thread is amazing

  • Call me a revolutionary. . . But you could always pour it into a glass! :)

  • That's because you're a proper courier. . . I'm only a visa courier, so I go back to the same office every time! :)

  • But then I'd be the guy who sits at his desk at lunch, not eating lunch, but instead drinking a mysterious milkshake, 'can I try some?' OH MY GOD NO DON'T DRINK THE...

  • Or just down it by the sink where you just got the water from like I do. :)

  • I'm not sure if I could stomach a downing. No, I'm happy to drink my Huel alone, outside in the safety of my building's undisturbed fire escape like a refugee from the future.

  • I've never done this sort of thing before, but have just ordered some as I'm struggling to get enough balance in what I eat.

    The real question is, if it's so shameful to drink it you have to hide on the fire escape, when is it appropriate to wear the free Tshirt?

  • I wear it to annoy people who'd cheerfully burn you as a witch. Gets quite heated with the norms at work that don't like "different". It's been a social experiment if you're into devilment particularly if you do the poster boy thing and drink one at the same time it sends them into overload. Being skanky sometimes the huel tee is also the only clean thing between laundry trips.

  • I wasn't really aware of the haters, but it seems to be prolific.
    London's Famous Tolerant London is actually a bigoted bunch of bastards.
    No wonder brexit etc.

  • It's less processed and more nutritious than a pret sandwich so haters gonna hate etc.

  • I suppose individuality scares some people.

    Gets quite heated with the norms at work that don't like "different".


    Decent meal replacement - no problems with that. Tempted to get some myself.
    Thinking that a posh weight watchers makes you more enlightened than the office plebs?
    You're not selling it.

  • when is it appropriate to wear the free Tshirt?

    From my research, in bed or around the house on a Sunday.

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Anyone on HUEL?

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