Anyone on HUEL?

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  • Just wondering if anyones on this liquid food stuff, I take it for convenience and the fact its nutritionally balanced. I used to throw a lot of uneaten food out, and hate our culture of landfill too. I have two a day and then an ordinary meal. I ended up with a stockpile under the sink as I forgot to cancel during a lapse. Its quite good when you get into it, I sleep great and feel very alert on this, not to mention, erm, quite regular. I realise most couriers probably have more in common with hummingbirds diet wise. Surprisingly its help me cut down on the coffee habit I had too as I sleep better so have less need to chase the caffeine dragon.

  • yes been on 3 x scoops twice a day for a year

  • What got me is how sensitive you are to salt in ordinary food. Apparently your salt sense accommodates processed foods and becomes less sensitive. Hows it going? People have said how well I look on it and how much quicker I am with ideas (creative by trade). This is before I mention the stuff. My ex was a massive foodie so she wept at the very prospect... I've always been odd.

  • I lost a good bit of weight at first but since Winter have put it back on (crisps addiction which I had kicked - also now a far more sedentary job) - regular is good like you say - energy levels - I still get the odd bit of acid reflux (oats) from it

    Other than that its great - I don't have to think about breakfast/lunch

  • I used to have a rowing machine to compensate, but found myself off to a very good chippy down the road a couple of times a week as when I got in I couldn't be bothered cooking, but realised all that stodge was seriously slowing me down, and probably leading to an early grave, regardless of exercise it was hardly balanced. The burps are pretty bad, and I find caffeine exacerbates this. The biggest plus is I can eat healthly food for my other meal and really relish it. Crunchy foods like crisps are a sign of depression, I read up on that as I'd eat two packets of space raiders and quavers like a crazed animal some nights. In a better place now!

  • On my third month with it. I replaced pretty much all my food intake with it...mainly because I'm not a big fan of food in general and find it nothing more than a hassle...especially being allergic to dairy. I find this way I can get everything I need without having to put thought into what to buy, cook, etc. I find it way harder to get the same level of nutrition if I had to have regular food.
    I still have regular food for my evening meal, but have more Huel later in the evening too.
    Only thing I've found is that I need to have way more of it than the suggested amount as I burn calories quite quickly.
    I have three scoops at a time, about 4 times a day.

  • I think this expected as a standard meals what? 500 calories so not much. Nutrition was a big thing with me, as I'm not a salad dodger but daily health guidelines require a lot of fresh fruit and veg which I don't think is cheap. Like yourself some people pretty well live on it. I think the fact its fluid based too stops me having to remember to keep hydrated.

  • I almost never used to have breakfast because I just couldn't face food that early in the morning, whereas I can happily down a pint and a bit of Huel before heading to work. :)

  • I'm pretty skinny, but I still need four to five helpings of Huel a day...but that's fine with me as I really like the taste...and the fact that doing the dishes takes about thirty seconds! :)

  • Me too first thing never fancied eating early. The plus on breakfast huel is its stopped me nipping for a dirty sausage barm at 11.00am!

  • yes but it goes off like a bastard! its pretty obvious anything that can grow likes HUEL too!

  • Lucky for me that I'm a good boy who does the dishes immediately after using them! :)

  • The pink stuff in my mixer looked like tribbles... any radiation from the microwave could have created a manga monster.

  • I leave an hour or so before I go out on the bike or its a bit too burpy.

  • Sadly I don't have that option as riding a bike is part of my job. But I did regret having a pint and a half right before heading out the other afternoon...that helping was definitely fighting to get back out! :)

  • I find it quite good as a supplement but on its own I can't handle that much of it. I often blend a shake with water, yoghurt, some fruit and a scoop of Huel and have that for breakfast and that works well for me.

    In terms of the alertness stuff - I get the same effect if I live on fruit/vegetables/fish and severely limit my bread/potato/pasta/rice intake, so I don't think it's Huel that's good so much as stodge that's bad.

  • Glad to hear I'm not the only one burping that oat stuff. Kinda weird to down one on an empty belly, as well. That said, placebo effect or not: energy boost is welcome in the morning.

  • I'm a truly awful cook, and hate anything domestic, when I'm out I love good healthy food but the culinary art leaves me cold. If you get the same alertness stuff from a healthy fish, veg, fruit diet, thats good enough for me. My mate always used to say he was breaded up, and I know what he means. A girl at work calls bread empty calories as it doesn't fill you and you tend to do evil things like put butter or toast cheese on it. I think the sleep thing, and the resultant morning energy is your body not having to work overtime digesting. I've heard of people getting constipated on this stuff (God knows how) but have found the opposite, I think people underestimate the importance of an efficient bowel tbh in overall wellbeing. Adding up how much I've saved by stopping grazing was a huge surprise probably up some days by four to five quid which on my meagre salary helps.

  • Never tried it but seen the facebook ads. Seems pretty Orwellian to me.

    Can't imagine it actually tastes good. Like, I see lots of people drinking protein shit at work and they seem to manage it but I got a free sachet of Etixx chocolate milkshake protein stuff from somewhere and even made with milk (the sachet suggested water) it tasted like they'd taken the cardboard box that some actual chocolate milkshake mix had been delivered in and powdered that.

  • It doesn't taste great. Not awful, but not nice either. Which is why I just use it to add a bit of ballast to a fruit smoothie.

  • Textured vanilla with a bit of wheat is how I'd describe it. Using a shaker with a wire ball was the greatest step forward for me with prepping this as its prone to lumps, it is a bit brave new world I guess as you could live on it. Its not Soylent green though so at least its not made out of people! Huel actually offered £35k to someone that could live on it with no cheating for a year.

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  • Huel tastes nice to me, and I'm totally used to the texture now too.
    I've tried adding both the chocolate and the banana flavour powder to it out of curiosity, and didn't like either. They just seemed too sweet.
    First time I made it I used soya milk, and I very quickly realised that it's actually a lot better with just water.
    I don't even bother with chilled water, I just use it straight from the tap.

    I could easily live on it for a year with no cheating... Where's the info on that offer? :)

  • Holy fuck, applications closed but the conditions on that are even more Orwellian than the stuff itself,

    "Only source of calories will be Huel
    No alcohol
    No drinks that contain calories or sweeteners (water, lemon water, tea, black coffee, etc, are ok)
    No exercise (apart from the 30 mins per day which will specified by the Huel team) or sports
    30 mins of exercise per day - no more, no less
    Must live with 3 miles of Aylesbury or Corby (please don't apply unless you live in this area) - this is vital, no exception, we want to build a close working relationship with the tester so over the year we will meet many times, both at the Huel offices and at your home, so location is extreme important.
    Must visit Huel offices in Aylesbury or Corby once per week or more
    You must have a healthy BMI and no medical conditions or eating disorders
    Regular photographs in swimwear
    Regular blood tests and body fat measurements, etc.
    Permission to use data and photographs findings which will released to the press"


    "The successful candidate will be required to undertake daily video calls with the monitoring team to report their progress, via Skype, and agree to weekly visits to the Huel headquarters (Aylesbury) in order to maintain regular medical assessments.

    Although they will be free to continue all usual daily duties, including work and family responsibilities, they will be required to perform no less and no more than 30 minutes of physical activity per day, which will be strictly dictated by the team at Huel, in order to clearly show the effects of the Huel diet. This means you will not be able to continue your current sporting activity (e.g. football matches etc). This will ensure no skewing of results from exercise, but will still ensure that they stay healthy throughout the trial. "

  • Jeez

  • I lived on esure through a PEG tube for 6 months, and when I threw up it tasted like what I imagine this stuff to be like. Just eat less normal food.­/jul/31/huel-human-fuel-hi-tech-food-pow­der

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Anyone on HUEL?

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