Bike respray in glasgow

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  • I know I'm churning up an old question here, but a few places have closed or moved in the last few years, does anyone know where does a good bike respray? Would have to do colour matching and be able to deal with decals etc..

  • Doubt you'll get much in Glasgow. There was a guy in edinburgh doing wet paint/enamel I think but the thing I heard most about him was that you wouldn't want to be in a rush.

    Bob Jackson or Argos are gonna be your best bet I think.

  • C and g finishers in Liverpool used to be the place all the old school frame builders went to up north. Apparently they are still toiling away.

  • Not Glasgow but Andy @ Eastside Bikes in Edinburgh Cadzow place is painting bikes to a high standard. I just got a frame painted in mad purple holographic sparkles at a very very reasonable cost.

  • I've got a steel frame which was painted by Henderson's Metal Cleaning near Meadowbank:­/pages/bicycles.php

    The finish was very good rather than perfect; turnaround was quick; and the paintwork has been really durable - a million times better than a Bob Jackson paint-job on another bike. I think it was about 70 quid. I'd go back to them again.

    Unless your frame is particularly fancy, I think this is the way to go: a workmanlike paint-job and a bike you can ride without being worried about ruining it.

  • Mine were done at Mercian, slow and ££££ but they do a full service with decals etc. And in my case the paint is rock hard, one is 8 years old and has no chips - any missing bits were due to throwing the bike in the car or the old slippy spanner. They have a price guide on line.

  • Loads of London centric folk seem to be doing good paint, I. Glasgow you can get it powder coated at eps in possil for about £40/50 Inc a course blast, not ideal for anything fancy, bit for a working /commuter bike it's ample, better job than you'll ever achieve with rattle cans etc

  • Sorry, I didn't get any notifications that there had been comments, but cheers for all the tips, I know what my search history will be tonight..

  • +1 for eps

    Far from boutique but if you just want a reasonable quality powdercoat they are cheap as chips and they masked off the threads as asked which I gather a lot of car-centric places don't always do.

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Bike respray in glasgow

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