The "how would you process this image?" thread

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  • Probs doesn't help that subject isn't in focus

  • pixel peeping>>>>
    (mju ii and a shit scan as discussed)

  • If you can get the neg re-scanned I think a square crop with a bit of vignette kinda works. Puts her in the centre and makes the light less distracting

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  • How would I edit this photo in Photoshop to get rid of the flare in the top left corner?
    I presume with layers some how?

    Alternatively any online resources for learning to use Photoshop? Comfortable enough using Lightroom but haven't really used Photoshop as such.

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  • Just burn it in with a large soft brush or paste and copy sky from another image in there. Take out the chair while your at it.

  • I like the chair!

    I’ve had a go at dropping the exposure on the top left corner of the wall and it didn’t quite work, I’ll have another go

  • DxO did this fair easily which reduces it. This was the ClearView filter and nothing else.

    It might do better with the original photo as that would contain the EXIF for the lens used.

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  • It might originate from the top left but it’s all over your image.

  • As I'm beginning to learn, a hood is an essential purchase for the X100 series

  • a hood is an essential purchase for the X100 series

    do not delay in getting a hood for your x100 :) #getitrightincamera

  • I'd like to create a square image from this composition

    What is going to be the best way to extend the wall upwards, and table downwards? Having selecting the wall and desk in an attempt to delete and replace, I can assure you this does not work (albeit possibly because of my weak select skills).

  • cut the background out and fill with desired colours then extend?

  • Yeah I tried that, it didn't look right, the CDs appeared to be violently floating in space

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The "how would you process this image?" thread

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