The "how would you process this image?" thread

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  • Would anyone be up for this?

    Basically, someone posts a raw image they like, preferably in a standardised dng format, and people have a crack at processing it any way they please.

    The idea being that it might educate people about processing and have a bit of fun with it/trying something new.

    It doesn't have to be a competition per se, it could just be a way of showing a different eye.

  • Yeah, I'm keen.

  • Cool. I'll update the first post with a download link to a RAW later today.

  • This sounds like fun. It's something I definitely need more practise with.

  • In. Though I've no idea
    RAW sounds awesome

  • Cool. I'll have a rummage for something.

  • Right here's a link to a raw file:­g/DSCF0082.raf?dl=0

    Have at it.

  • Not sure I quite get this but sounded like a good thing (so gently does it, eh?). Looking for that 'Sixties postcard printing feel.

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    • DSCF0082.raf.jpg
  • My eyes!
    Nice one for getting involved.

  • I just edited the jpeg on this. can explain what was done if anyone's interested

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    • DSCF0082.raf.jpg
  • Haha!

  • I'll give this a go tomorrow, if would be good to show the original here I think

  • .

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    • DSCF0082 (1)a.jpg
  • Here's one.

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    • DSCF0082 09.38.03.jpg
  • .

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    • DSCF0082 (1)b.jpg
  • Quick one

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    • DSCF0082.jpg
  • damn your highlights all to hell

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    • process.jpg
  • Off topic. Sorry but this thread inspired me to learn Photoshop so have downloaded the 7 day free trial. Seems adobe want a monthly subscription of a tenner to keep using it. Is there another way to download it or buy it with a one off payment?


  • Yes, none of them legal... But you can effectively run something to make Adobe think you run a subscription. Based off the free trial.

  • Download a copy of CS5 or CS6 maybe? Before they went CC Subscription based

  • Someone please upload a new file to play with.

  • Thanks @Buckaroo and @PhilDAS CS5/6 sounds like a plan

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The "how would you process this image?" thread

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