Mystery All-Rad Metallurgical Masterpiece And Other Projects

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  • A good friend of mine has commenced making frames, though mainly just for those most persistent in badgering him. As a result I won't post anything about his intended name or anything that may incriminate just yet, but I'll mention the project we're working on together which I'm excited about.

    First things first, I'm becoming a comfort slut having built the Wolverine, so a minimum of 28mm tyres are required, and because of my weak little fingers and desire for braking excellence it will be stopped with discs. Flat mount ones specifically. Columbus Spirit tubing, paragon dropouts, Di2 compatible to take Ultegra 6870 parts from my current road bike, and likely black in its appearance with a lovely Colombus Futura Fork for simplicity. It may also be 1x.­m

    He's going to teach me to hand file and braze, so I'll try and have some input in its creation where it isn't too life threatening. Very exciting. For now I need to work out a fit and the resulting geometry, probably through the use of lasers.

    TLDR: Building a road bike frame from nice steel to replace my carbon one and you're all invited to inform me of potentially cool things to do with it.

    P.S. my first ever attempt at filing and using the hotnozzlegun for your perusal or ridicule:

  • This is gonna be good.

  • High hopes for this

  • Picturing someone braking exclusively with their little fingers

  • Things are moving along... At least a little anyway. Down tube arrived last week and I insisted my mate did a sexy unboxing at the pub. Complete with a superfast Italohand.

    Secondly, we have dropouts and bottle cage braze-ons in da motherfucking house:

    Do not be fooled, the fork in the jig won't be for me, but a super special tourer he's building. More on that another time. It's looking like the fork of choice will instead be:

    It's got the clearance I need for all-road zestyness, and the requisite thru-axle bullshit to go with the Shimano set up that'll be on the bike.

    Colour-wise my mind is wandering to an army olive green in matte with white MARTIR logos. Getting excited now.

  • Oh the suspense, won't someone please think of the children etc

    I really hope the 'MARTIR' logo has a distinct black metal look to it?

  • @russmeyer - Ha! I'd suggested this to the metallurgist/designer himself and he seemed enthused. The metal head badges he has are decidedly not metal metal, but pretty fucking awesome nonetheless.

  • I may be overstepping my financial bounds by thinking about it, but I'm just going to leave this here...

  • Do it

  • Is this replacing the black beauty?

  • Yeah man. I think it's time for something new, and I could hopefully offload the whole bike to a crit racer for a couple of grand (AUD). Completely unique bike calls for some bling I reckon.

  • Bling on man, why not?

  • Our time as bike brothers comes to an end.

  • I have those paragon dropouts on my Geekhouse. They make me feel tingly.

  • Oh the suspense, won't someone please think of the children etc
    I really hope the 'MARTIR' logo has a distinct black metal look to it?

    Great idea because it will most likely also spell the next owners name in some form :)

  • All good things my friend. It's been a hero for the amount I paid. Seems like Ultegra Di2 is still selling for what I paid for it years ago too.

  • I know what you mean - they're pretty utilitarian compared to some of the normal dropouts, but that's what this bike will be in essence. Did you go DT Swiss or Shimano?

  • Tubing deliiiiiivery. With an added glimpse into a road build for the man himself.

    There are a couple of sets of tubes here, some of which will be for the super special tourer, the rest for my shadowy road warrior.

  • I love where this is going. Subbed!

  • Hah, six months later! Things have been a getting in the way of this project but it's about to move forward. Willy the frame builder has moved into a larger workshop and is putting the finishing touches to a frame for another mate, and I've had a bike fit.

    I'd been a bit torn about the nature of the frame and what I really want from it, because I'm not doing a lot in the way of road riding these days, and this ain't gonna be a show pony. As a result I'm not leaning towards a bit more clearance, possibly to give the option of a fast bastard 650b wheel where needed and he Wolverine can then relax back into a weight-lifting multi-dayer role.

    Aside from wheel size and resulting clearance, I'm weighing up going 1x with potentially XT on the rear, or just full Di2 Ultegra with hydraulics. It's still gonna be olive drab though.

    FORK potentials:­ura-gravel-disc-fork/­-axle-fork­ns/parts/products/parlee-gravel-cross-fo­rk-disc-brake­c/

    Most of which look pretty sweet as well as offering fender opportunities, and all of which give more than enough clearance. for chubbeh hoops.

  • fender

    Get out.

  • Get fucked!

  • Is Beats doing your bike fit?

  • Any reason behind the inline design choice?
    If you increase ST angle and use a setback seatpost you get more clearance and more comfort (I know tire pressure matters more, but still)

  • Tbf I think Will just punched this out as a preliminary sketch, and I'd imagine the seat tube angle will be somewhat more severe. I'm sitting down with him this weekend to flesh out the finer points so we shall see..

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Mystery All-Rad Metallurgical Masterpiece And Other Projects

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