Hi all,

    This is a brand new wheelset which I have just built!

    It is an ideal wheelset for those who don't have the clearance for wider 700c tyres.

    27.5" = 650B = 584mm diameter.
    700c = 622mm diameter.
    Difference is 38mm or 19mm on the radius.
    Technically, you could run a 40mm 650B tyre instead of a 20mm 700c tyre and it would be the same overall diameter.

    Here is the wheelset spec:

    • new Bontrager Duster 27.5'' TLR PV 32H Black Rims. MSRP £120.00 - Paid £40 posted
      Satin matt black finish / No braking surface / tubeless compatible / Asymmetric rims / 32h / 28mm wide outside / 23mm inside
    • new OddityK Flip Flop Black Track Hubs, 3/8" axles, 100mm/120mm spacing - Paid £25 posted
    • new Araya Rebound ATB Road Spokes St Steel P/Gauge Black 272mm & 16mm black brass nipples - Paid £25 posted
    • new LifeLine rim tape - Paid £3 posted
    • Tyres - new Schwalbe Active Gumwalls in 44-584 (650 1/2 B) with new inner tubes - Paid £25 posted

    Lacing 3x, as track so although the rims are asymmetric, they are centered.

    Total spend £118 - so let's called it SOLD FOR £120 for the wheelset WITH A FRONT DISC HUB so I can buy more parts to build more wheels.

    Pick up from Stoke Newington



    *Champagne available to purchase separately

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  • Pm incoming

  • Replied to PM

  • Thanks Vince, lovely wheelset just not quite the right spec for what I'd want it for, glws!

  • Hi all,

    The wheels are still available - I had a couple of queries about clearance gains so here is additional information.

    Here is what a 700c wheel looks like in the back of the dropouts:

    So the 650B/27.5 rim sits back around 2cm (when the wheel axle is sat as far in the dropouts as possible) in comparison to the 700c, giving you extra space radially for a wider/fatter tyres.
    You also gain around 1cm in lateral width as the rim effectively sits further back along the drive stays.
    Those measurements have been taken on my Bridgestone Anchor which has supertight clearances so I would imagine that my measurements are a worst case scenario and that your bike will have even more space for wider tyres.

  • This is a brand new wheelset!

  • What is the widest tire that can be used

  • Since they are mountain bike rims, I would say 3x the internal width max, so about 3" or 70mm ish.

  • I'll take them for £80? I can collect today if that helps

  • @user77664 - PM sent, the wheels are still available

  • SJS has Schwalbe HS159 Gumwall Tyres 26 x 1 1/2 x 1 5/8 Inch , 44-584 for £6.99 a pop.

    They would look great on this wheelset!

  • this is just what I need for a build, need to sell the current wheelset i have first though!

  • I have just ordered gumwall tyres and inner tubes so when you sell your current wheelset, you can have this one!

  • Excelent, sounds good to me! saves me ordering them myself.

    How much were you looking for with the tyres?

  • Tyres are £6.99 a pop + £2.99 for inner tube so that £9.98 per wheel
    And £5 postage..

    That's £25 on top of the wheels

  • Cool, no problem

    I'm based in clapton so can collect

  • The wheelset now includes a brand new pair of tyres & inner tubes.

    Schwalbe Active Gumwalls in 44-584 (650 1/2 B) - The actual tyre width is 37mm and should clear road frames (see photo).

    New price is £110

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  • New photo bump

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  • oh those are lovely

  • Check out the first post ;)

  • OddityK Flip Flop Black Track Hub

    These are sealed hubs so bearings can be replaced easily

  • It is all brand new parts and I have not charged for the wheel building so that's a good deal.

    I won't give those away but might used them on a future project...

  • How are these still available with the current 650b & bruiser bike hype? Have a free bump!
    p.s. would be interested to see them on the anchor if you have a photo.

  • 650b hype hasn't made it as far as fixie skidders. They're still on skinny tyres and narrow rims. Bruisers are best at 29er

  • True, but it also means that you could be running 650b on a tarck bike 'before it was cool' ;)


SOLD 650B Wide All Black Wheelset - Asymmetric Bontrager Clincher rims / OddityK Sealed rear Flip Flop Hub, Deore disc hub / Schwalbe Gumwalls SOLD

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