General Election June 2017

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  • Jesus Christ. Just when you think a car crash is over.

    There's been enough ammo handed to labour in the last two days to knock out another dozen or so seats.

  • this politics lark has well jumped the fucking shark

  • Ruth Davidson planning to split the Scottish Tories off. They'll need a new name. Can I suggest:

    'Conservative and Unionist New Tories Scotland'?

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  • Exactly, which is why May is clinging on desperately. This is her only chance to stay in power as another election will decimate them.

    It's going to take a rebellion from inside her own party (such as from the 19 LGBT Tory MPs), or the DUP walking away. The vote on the Queen's Speech (19th June, if it gets that far) will be one to look out for.

  • [edit - @mrak]

    too right. let's not be hasty, though - this horror story is writing itself.

    hopefully the tory voters that aren't 100% one-eyed will finally wake up and admit that the blame for the third catastrophic political cockup of recent times lies the feet of the pigfucker and the thatchercorpse, rather than corbyn, the immigrants, kid's etc...

  • The conservatives in Canada did this on the 90s. Two parties (progressive conservatives and reform parties) merged and went with the Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance party. It lasted a day before they worked it out. A glorious day.

  • Davidson herself tweeted a link to this story and described it as B******s (because children might see a naughty word).

    Tories definitely always keep their word so I think that's that.

  • Oh, I always believe a Tory, especially one with their eye on a prize.

  • Use this: as created by our illustrious leader, @Velocio, to figure out who to vote to that will oust the Tories, thereby getting closer to electoral reform, which is the last thing the Cons want.

    Not sure if Labour really wants electoral reform either...Turkeys rarely vote for Christmas

  • I enjoyed that.

    I was waiting to see how the DUP would be described though, and then it finished.

    Second Book of Corbyn needed!

  • @Velocio

    Are there any plans to refine the Tactical2017 website?

    I thought that it might be useful, for the next election, to have a check box marked 'Are you a student?', ask them for their home constituency in addition to their uni one, and then advise which one it would be more productive for them to vote in.

    Saves massive, unneeded majorities in safe urban seats, adds votes in marginals.

  • The Tories got 49% of the seats on 42% of the vote, Labour was 40% from 40%. PR would have helped Labour, as long as they would be willing to form a coalition - which, with PR, you'd have to be.

    I see what you mean though, without the need for tactical voting, Labour would probably be the party most likely to shed votes to minor parties, at least until the creation of a proper DUP style right-wing, racist, homophobic party where some less modernising Tories could find their natural home.

  • So did the various Bedford Corbo groupies get to press the flesh in the end?

  • That's an awesome idea. Personally, I would never have thought of that in a million years.
    Big up the hive mind.

  • That would probably have told students in Canterbury and Warwick South to vote in their home constituencies, and cost Labour those two momentous wins.

  • He was there earlier, before you came. Had a chat with people and had pictures taken.

  • Thanks, still chuckling.

  • Yes, you mentioned that. I thought somebody said he might be coming back, but perhaps I misheard.

  • another election will decimate them.

    We need this.

    She's going to throw the NI power-sharing under a bus in order to stay at the helm? Are there any other options? ... because that's really not ok.

    If she does this it's rivaled only by Cameron's agreement on a brexit referendum as reckless, personal power-brokerage for which we all suffer.

  • Nigel is back.

  • To me, there should be no recommendation for tactical vote in seats which are absolutely safe eg Sutton and Cheam. Tactical2017 said to vote LD there, because recent history says they have support there. But the result gave yet another big shift from LD to Labour, providing a counter for the "Labour can't win here" rhetoric that LD campaign on. now 2022 or whenever might see a stronger turnout from traditional Labour supporters here.

  • Exactly, which is why May is clinging on desperately. This is her only chance to stay in power as another election will decimate them.

    I doubt it. The Conservative campaign was a total disaster (obviously). No popular policies: taking homes off pensioners, removing free school meals for children, shooting baby foxes in the face... May isn't as incompetent as some suggest, but she's not gregarious, and doesn't like to meet people, which isn't the best way to campaign in a modern context.

    Ditch those who came up with the manifesto, stick Boris in as leader to go around the country chatting to all and sundry, add a couple of policies that'll go down well, and I'd bet on a decent majority.

  • So they're reporting May has been given an ultimatum to ditch her key advisers this weekend or face a leadership challenge on Monday, what a clusterfuck for negotiations starting in a week

    Meanwhile according to Peston, The prime minister has sent a team of officials, led by her chief whip, Gavin Williamson, to Belfast to negotiate the details of an alliance with the DUP.

    “A coalition would be much better than a looser alliance”, one senior minister said. “We don’t want the DUP demanding money for this or that project they fancy every time we need them to support us in a vote. That would be deeply unstable.”
    But he has to get the deal done today or wait till next week, as the DUP don't work on the sabbath

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General Election June 2017

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