General Election June 2017

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  • Who's scared? Who's optimistic?

  • Shows how close the Police were to arresting Tories for 2015 GE campaign funding irregularities.

  • I'll be voting for left-wing, pro-brexit Labour candidate John Cryer.

  • This is TM attempting to take full charge of Brexit.

    Harder brexit, deeper cuts at home.

    With the Conservatives so far ahead in the polls and the Labour vote split between anti-Brexit parties (Lib-Dems, Greens, SNP) it's probably a win-win for her.

    Full hard, British, red, white and blue Brexit and a potential decimation on the Labour party.

  • tl;dr - I think this is bad news.

  • The biggest of open goals for May

  • Feels like this will end either badly or really badly

  • scared, there is no sensible opposition and no time for them to form.

    we are fucked, someone who campaigned against brexit has realised that this is her continuing opportunity to have power. any moral/political convictions she had can be totally sacrificed in her desire to bolster her ego.

  • This is cracking, said no one ever. Shambles of a situation!

  • Just means the unelected cunts will be elected and feel some kind of justification for their shitty policies.

  • sadly accurate summary.

  • Just hope one of the two usless oposition parties organise soon, so I can vote for them.
    Not that I can vote for Jerrmy 'wet flannel' Corbyn. So it'll have to be Tim 'who is he' Farron.

    Which will be useless, given that I live in a conservative strong hold. That's to all the audi driving people.­ituencies/E14000631

  • Yes, this paves the way for a full hard strap-on Brexit.

  • dry fist punch entry brexit in 3... 2...

  • On the positive side the currently unemployed 826,000 16-24 year olds I just read about in the FT will all have jobs in the fields or making coffee. I'm sure that they all want those jobs. Right?

  • Just watched Corbyn on BBC News 24... He is moist, gloves off, mate, these cunts are not fucking around...

  • Labour talking like losers already... Doomed...

  • May is bloody crazy announcing triggering brexit before all these election on the continent and now here.
    Negotiations are gonna be delayed and fucked.
    The only thing worse that could happen is le pen winning in France. I would say very unlikely but I did that about brexit and trump.

  • Time for a single issue party, Brexin™... Scare the living crap out of everyone, use every dirty trick the Tory cunts use and hope for the best...

  • They were never going to be completed in time anyway.

  • I'm a bit lost on this one, I've always voted labour but that looks very much like a wasted vote this time round. UKIP it is, I guess.

  • If the remainers all vote for the same party then this could very well backfire for the PM.

    That's what the lib dems are selling it as, at least.

  • Vote for the party most likely to keep the Tories out in your constituency.

  • Won't this election mean that the tories will have to detail their Brexit plans in their manifesto, i.e. show their hand?

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General Election June 2017

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