Miche Pistard 2.0 & Pistard air cranks

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  • Has anybody managed to remove the logos from these cranks? I tried some nailpolis remover Acetone, but it didn’t seem to do anything.

  • I arrived here via a search on installation of the Pistard 2.0. I'm using an brand new Ultegra Hollowtech II BB and did have to coax the DS spindle in with a rubber mallet. The only EVO Max BBs I could find were not located in the US (where I am) and much more expensive than a HTII. But, it looks like the EVO Max BB uses a "compensator ring" between the DS bearing and shell. I may install a spacer here because as it sits the chain ring shelf clears the DS chain stay by about 1mm, perhaps less. Steel Gunnar Street Dog frame so I'd think flex when climbing standing or sprinting is going to happen.

    Anyhow, this NDS spindle is requiring a lot of force to go on. So, I stopped pushing the issue and arrived here in searching for similar experiences. Everything is well greased, but the steel spindle is deforming the female splines on the aluminum NDS spindle.

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

  • When I was installing NDS in my Pistard 2.0 it was requiring about 30Nm to move up the spindle according to the torque meter. I haven’t taken it out yet but I guess it may have damaged them like yours, how did you get on with the installation?

    Unfortunately the chainring bolts are catching my frame (Moda Forte) does anyone have any ideas, I’m using the Miche Evo Max BB BSA and have installed the spacer on the NDS as indicated by the manual.

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  • I ended up removing the crank and BB and installing two spacers totaling less than 1mm between the shell and DS cup. This allowed the chain ring shelves on the crank to clear the DS chain stay and I've had no issues in a few hundred miles of riding.

    Do you have two spacers between the shell and NDS cup? If so I would try moving one to the DS cup and that should give you the clearance you need. If it's just a single spacer then I would find two separate ones that makeup the same width as the existing spacer and put one under the DS cup.

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  • Is the crank/axle interface for the Pistard Air the same as Shimano Hollowtech2? Or Miche specific?

    I want to add a power meter, but want to keep the Chainset. Rather than power meter pedals, I wondered if a Stages/4iii left hand crank (Shimano fitting) would fit?

  • ^Same as HT-II

  • @Lima, did you manage to get this clearance issue sorted? I'm putting together an almost identical build.

  • Added a 1mm spacer, works fine, I’ve ridden on velodrome a few times now

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  • Excellent. That's put my mind at rest as I was concerned about buying the wrong crankset.

  • Did you compensate by taking 1mm off the non drive side?

  • Nope, I did as normal recommended set up, just added the 1mm spacer on drive side

  • Ah that's good news. Many thanks for the info.
    BTW, did the Miche BB come with the spacers?

    Cheers, Jon

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Miche Pistard 2.0 & Pistard air cranks

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