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  • But you still have the original bits which you could retro fit and sell for what you paid as well as sell the extra and then actually break even no?

  • @PhilDAS, that's kinda my point. I built this bike up for me to keep and ride, and not flip it. I put on the Charge saddle because I like it. I changed to bar-cons because I was going to use if for a mini-tour next month. Yes you're right that I could retro fit the original parts but I'd rather save myself the work.

  • Yep, fair point. People just get angsty about increases in price. Would possibly get it sold if you sold it as, and for how much, you got it for

  • Can I take the plinth of promise @Lanterne_Rouge?

  • You can. I'll send you a PM. How does a 6 pack sound as payment?

  • Ok fair enough. So it's now available for the price I paid for it less the wheels and the changes I made + the essential things that I needed to do. So that's £325 for:

    Frame, fork, headset, original bar and stem. Original seat post (two bolt kalloy with one bolt missing so unusable unless you have one in your spare parts box) and maybe the Turbo saddle. Front and rear mechs, brifters (I don't know if they work) and chain. Not included; wheels, tyres, tubes, brake levers, brakes, dura ace shifters, cables and housings, the nitto stem and saddle. Seem reasonable? I'll collect the original parts and put them in a box. And obviously it's still available as the full bike.

  • Marvelous. Any particular poison preferred?

  • Entirely up to you but you will be judged.

  • Beautiful bike, have a bump.

  • Lantern, can I dibs your £325 bundle and PM you this evening please?

  • @Yellow_Peril I'm just going to check the selling protocol with @PhilDAS, @MCamb and @Engineering101. So Yellow_Peril has thrown down a dibs for the bike stripped back to the condition that I purchased it but I have had earlier dibs on the frame should I separate. So what is the course of action fellas? And the Turbo saddle is going to @Danners for a six pack so that's no longer in the bundle.

  • Nothing to do with me. I was just trying to help. (I can't help sounding like an asshole)

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The "I'm going to regret this" sale: Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra 63cm in Weinmann colours

Posted by Avatar for Lanterne_Rouge @Lanterne_Rouge