London to Brighton Route.

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  • Hey.

    I'm doing a London/Brighton ride next weekend and was wondering if there's a good route on quiet roads taking in a few hills? If there's a way out of London that's quiet that would be great too.



  • There is this route which is quiter than the normal BHF route­88/

    If you are only going one way, you have the choice of the outbound or return leg depending how hilly/long you want it

  • Thanks for this.

  • Hey Garbles, did you take this route in the end?

  • I do this regularly and really like it -

  • Thanks!

    Is there any way to open that in google maps?

  • I think you can import a kml to google maps, pm me your email address and I can send the kml over to you. Edit - try this -­oWtmvf-CmkjBE9_WavNj-MLvMd&usp=sharing

  • Is that a reasonably quiet route? It goes through East Grinstead and my family live not to far from there.

  • amazing thank you!

  • Yeah, it's a really nice, quiet route. It's also good as it runs near/past quite a few stations should you want to bail early. It's rolling with a few hills but I've taken a group of 15 friends who only really commute/leisure cycle and they all made it.

    Obviously don't follow it tom my mates house in Brighton, just go straight down Ditchling Road to the beach. There is also a 'velodrome' in Preston Park (Square and not very banked).

  • I'm thinking about cycling to Brighton on saturday night and getting the train back.

    Southern website warns me that 5am trains may be busy because of Pride - will they?

  • Didn’t like the London-Brighton ride. Maybe I got a bad day but I had the usual way too many cars driving way too close and thought it was only a matter of time till I was hit the whole way there. Plus, fighting your way out of London on A roads just ain’t fun.

    I’d really like to do the London-Brighton off road route. I reckon that would be great.

  • pride is the busiest day of the year here, it's like Beirut in some places. so yeah it will be rammed

  • Lovely route.
    Did this route on Sunday.

    I would say it isn't for newbies, but as a result, it was immensely enjoyable

  • Jump on thread, anyone have a off road/gravel freindly route to Brighton.

    Includes downs link and a short section of SDW. Suitable for a gravel bike with at least 40c tyres.

  • How is it for a beginner? GF has never ridden up to 70miles so wary of if it gets too tough.

    @cjr Is it a newby friendly route? Sorry about the dredge.

  • The climbs may be too tough for a newbie. I'd try to find easier way around North Downs, and skip the South Downs section all together.

  • Just did this route from­ghton

    It's great, almost entirely little roads, skips round the slower climbs and really follows hill ridges so you get nice long descents.

    Bit sweaty and difficult in >27 degree heat, and if you're a pretty leisurely cyclist I would not describe it as "easy". Also there are a couple of sections of gravel/slightly muddy paths that you would struggle on with <=25mm tires but they don't last long and they help miss out hills or annoying roads.

    Would give the route a 10 out of 10, also gpx/printable map/instructions on the website makes it easy to follow.

    -- there is a nice spot half way up ditchling beacon to the right of the road next to a fence/gate/stile that you can collapse on for a lucozade/whiskey/lie-down. Worth making to it there rather than stopping in the road earlier later (if you're not going to do the whole thing in one)

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London to Brighton Route.

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