I got 99 problems but my WiFi ain't one

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  • Well that was surprisingly troublefree and quick.
    Plugged one in at the BT router, (power and ethernet cable).
    Scanned tiny qr code and installed app on mobile that guided me through.
    App then downloaded a firmware(?) update for the M4s,
    couple of minutes without a connection then back up & running at a claimed
    speed of 780/866Mbps.
    Farewell stuttery 'net connection.

  • You will need lots for Buckingham Palace to get the density up or you will have capacity problems when there is a state banquet or ball. The trouble comes when the designers don't want them in line of site or want to paint them.

    The later is an actual problem I'm having at work at the moment.

  • I'm more staggered by the need for a total of 56 Ethernet ports. I thought I was being excessive with 16!

    That was the bit that stood out for me too.

    I think I have 24 in total... but quite a few are unused. Outside of the rack in the comms room almost everything else is wireless.

  • I'm more staggered by the need for a total of 56 Ethernet ports.

    Lots of wired IP cameras to monitor the staff.

  • Blimey. The butler or housekeeper must be a bit of a control freak.

  • Ha, missed all this. My walls are roughly 95cm solid flint walls, lined with foil backed insulation, so literally nothing gets through, that accounts for 3 of the internal ones, 2 other internal ones are for log cabin and garage. External ones are because we have an acre of land, and no mobile coverage, so WiFi calling needed, so that’s one for front, side and back garden.

    Ethernet ports: I have lots of ports! 2 in each room, and a further 2 behind each TV point (somehow have 7 of these!) plus a load more in my office....

  • My walls are roughly 95cm solid flint walls

    Do you have a keep where you can pour boiling oil on invaders too?

  • Invaders misbehaving staff

  • 7 TV's!

    Sell 4 to help pay for the unifi stuff.

  • No, but it is raining so much and have such poor drainage that I do have a moat currently.

  • 7 TV points, haven’t got 7 TVs! One in each bedroom, kitchen, lounge, office.

  • Hivemind, is there a recommended way to boost my WiFi (e.g. either power line or range extender) for under £50? I live in a flat which is split over three floors, and WiFi only really works on the middle one. Thanks in advance

  • Yep.

    Sell something you no longer use for £40.

    Buy these:


    You now have 1p that you can donate to the forum.

  • Could you get away with a large patch panel and a smaller switch? Obviously a little bit of effort to connect, but surely most people will use the WiFi?

  • For those thinking "why invest in that Ubiquiti stuff"... honestly I just love debugging a network like this.

    • solid lines = cables
    • dashed lines = wireless
    • #n = port numbers
    • on wireless devices numbers to the left in white is the wireless channel and the number to the right in green is signal strength as determined by the AP

    This is after I lost a Raspberry-Pi that was wireless and I used this view to indicate which hotspot it was connected to so that I could narrow my search. Turns out I'd utilised a spare plug socket at the back of a kitchen cabinet and had forgotten it was in there when I expected it to be in the living room :D

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  • But you have WiFi to stuff that doesn't move which is a crime against radio spectrum

  • I don't have cables available everywhere, and where I live isn't high density housing... It's fine.

  • Myself and a few friends have found a studio space to rent, but getting wired internet isn't an option. We've been looking at the T Mobile 4G home internet (with an antennae), seems ok but no real reviews. Anyone used it or can recommend something similar? Will need to handle max six or seven people doing usual internet stuff, video calls would probably the most heavy usage it gets.

  • Might not be the right place but this thread seems in the ball park...

    Virgin broadband just cancelled my installation for the 15th time!!

    Existing customer, moved house, notified them in advance and then this charade. I don’t get told it’s cancelled , they just don’t turn up. Customer support promised each subsequent time it’s sorted. Feel like we’re past the point of no return as other providers have told me 2 weeks to sort.

    If anyone is looking for broadband, give Virgin a very wide berth.

  • If anyone is looking for broadband, give Virgin a very wide berth.

    That's been my impression for a while. Zen Internet, on the other hand, are still spectacularly good in my experience. Not cheap, but It Just Works. A bit like Rapha. Nice but pricey. Ish.

  • The kicker there is it was a toss up between the two and Virgin, at the time, said they’d be able to sort quicker. Might have to revisit Zen

  • Am also with zen, no issues two years after moving from bt, and still relatively cheap for 40mb unlimited broadband

  • Ouch. I can thoroughly recommend Zen. They're one of the few companies I'm happy to recommend without any qualifications whatsoever. Stuff I'd thought would be a nightmare to sort have been met with a promptly answered phone call, a brief description of what I want, and then 'No problem sir, all done, we'll send you an invoice'. All terrifyingly straightforward.

  • and even more so - utter transparency throughout, never the frustration of ineptitude and wondering if what they say is going to happen is going to happen...

    another +1 for Zen

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I got 99 problems but my WiFi ain't one

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