I got 99 problems but my WiFi ain't one

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  • Stop using so much shit then. K.I.S.S. cron jobs at home >>>

  • Some networks will give you a mobile signal booster that connects to your broadband. Vodafone did this for me in the past when I complained about a shit signal.

  • WhatsApp does WiFi calling. You need the recipient to be on it too though.

  • That's not the sort of WiFi calling he means I think.

    I think he's referring to the sort of WiFi calling you can do using your mobile account. When I'm at home, all my ee calls are routed by VOIP

    @Silly_Savage Some mobile providers have an app for WiFi calls. I had one for O2 and EE before I got a phone that could handle it natively.

  • O2 ditched theirs a while ago, unfortunately.

  • The WhatsApp suggestion could work for friends and family. The calls that make me want to smash things are usually to services helplines (landlines) when you're on hold for 20 mins then it cuts out. Would be nice to have at seamless integration when I'm on WiFi, and it might just be worth changing phone/provider to get that.

  • It's not ideal but Skype with a little bit of top up credit helps here. I use it sometimes when I'm in countries with old school crazy high roaming costs but decent internet (middle East, USA etc). Can be used on your phone too.

  • Three Wi-fi calling works well but only if you’re in the UK. They don’t let you use Wi-fi calling on your UK plan from overseas, but then their go roam is pretty impressive.

  • My Plusnet router is a complete POS. I only get anything like strong signal in the same room. Do signal boosters actually work? If so, any recommendations on what I should invest in? I think I probably need to put something in my kitchen and bedroom...

  • Are you on the 5ghz channel there? Because I don't think that goes through walls that well. If by signal boosters you mean a WiFi relay, then I think they're generally a bit shit, WiFi powerline adaptor a touch better (what I use currently), and wired access points ideal. Although there may well be a bottleneck in that router anyway ( I have the same one, it is indeed shit)

  • Are you on the 5ghz channel there?

    I'm not leet enough to know. I do wonder if I need to do some sort of configuring, or they do. There was a situation before I upgraded to the higher speeds where I was getting ridiculously low speeds and it was due to some setting they'd made on their end to aid stability. They did say they'd cleared that when I upgraded, but god only knows what they're doing.

    If I am next to the router and do a speed test, all is good. It's only when I'm in other rooms that I lose connection. The original router was nowhere near as poor. It's pissing me off as I end up just switching wi-fi off on my phone and forgetting to turn it back on, thus using up my mobile data.

  • So your first port of call is to log in to the router (deets on the base if you've not changed them) then check if 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz are merged (sounds like it) Un-merge them name the 2.4Ghz one something obvious, and connect your phone to that. That'll give the most stable connection, but it won't be as fast as currently when you're right next to it.

    If that's not an option / doesn't help get some wifi powerlines.

  • Brilliant - thanks for the advice. I'll give that a try.

  • Caveat: I'm defo no home networking expert, so that might be terrible advice!

  • More LAN devices than ethernet ports on my router so have bought a switch. Should I plug everything into the switch and then one ethernet cable to router, or use as many router ports as I can first?

  • Depends on the speeds. Presumably your new switch is gigabit; if the ports on your router are too, then it makes no difference where you plug things in. If the router only has 10/100M ports, plug everything into the switch.

  • Have to say that since moving to Unifi Kit, my wifi has been excellent.

    Not so keen on the new spying though, but that can be fixed with a config file update

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  • This worked wonders btw. Thanks!

  • Great stuff, glad you got it sorted :)

  • Who here has multiple Unifi APs running the same SSID?

    Did you need to use a Unifi Controller to configure this? Or can you manually just name them the same SSID and it just figures it out?

    Reason I'm asking... I've discovered a very crappy "feature" of the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD wifi mesh network... namely that when you operate the router in Bridge mode (required to prevent double-NAT) it disables hardware NAT... but this also means it drops from Gigabit ethernet to 100Mbps ethernet... which results in the WiFi maxing out on the 100Mbps. So whilst nothing is hardware limited to 100Mbps, simply running Amplifi HD in bridge mode will cap the WiFi and anything attached to the LAN points on the Amplifi HD.

    Now I've already got an EdgeMax, an EdgeSwitch, and gigabit cat 7 cable laid everywhere... and my internet is 350Mbps... so this is damn frustrating.

    Solution then... remove the 2 Amplifi HD routers provider backbone ethernet capped at 100Mbps... replace them with 2 Unifi APs.

    But I want the Unifi APs to hand off seamlessly, and the question is... does this just work? Or does one need a Unifi Controller to make this work?

  • Who here has multiple Unifi APs running the same SSID?

    I have 4 APs running the same SSID (as well as other SSIDs for different WLANs / VLANs), controlled by a Unifi Controller sitting on a Pi Zero

    I've only ever used a Unifi Controller though - I'm not familiar with any other way of running it.

  • Now I'm reflecting on how old my entire system is... probably pushing 6 years old across the board on my entire setup. Which is OK... but if I'm going to update the WiFi and add a controller, then I'm probably going to revisit the very old EdgeMax router and the mis-mash of switches I have.


    Now I'm thinking of this:

    Avoiding the Dream Machine as I'd rather have control of my DNS, and avoiding the video capable things as if I want that down the road I'll buy that separately and won't over-invest in that now.

    That's a mere £864 on building a new network at home! :D

  • What have you got left using the wifi with everything plugged in to those switches?

  • I have 2 rooms with wired equipment.

    Room 1 (wired network):

    • Philips Hue
    • Storage server
    • Media server
    • Raspberry Pi x 2
    • Backup server (literally for taking backups)
    • EdgeMax
    • Amplifi WiFi
    • UPS device

    9 items... natch, 8 port switches need 1 in and 1 out as I then run to the other end of the house... hence 2 switches in that room.

    Room 2 (wired network):

    • TV
    • Nvidia Shield
    • Printer
    • Amplifi WiFi
    • Playstation

    5 items... natch, Amplifi only has 4 ports and needs 1 in... hence 1 switch in that room.

    Additionally via WiFi:

    • Laptop x 4
    • Phones x 3
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • audio devices x 4
    • display devices x 2
    • Doorbell
    • Thermostat

    So that's another 16 WiFi devices not including any guest devices.

  • That controller looks pricey for something you can run on a raspberry pi or one of your servers.

    Also, why do you need so many expensive switches? Won't the USG do the monitoring, split into multiple networks, etc?

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I got 99 problems but my WiFi ain't one

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