• Tragic news. What a man! Such a loss

  • I am sure the CM tonight will pay some sort of tribute

  • I think hippy's idea of a ride at a later date is a good one.

  • Totally agree @Emyr. I discovered the news when I came downstairs this morning. Knew I'd not be able to tell Mrs Ludd without breaking down. She has kindly put up with my updates on the race over the last two weeks. Went off to work and, on spotting a pheasant by the tube tracks near Ickenham, decided to text Mrs Ludd to say that the pheasant had cheered me up after the awful news about Mike. But even trying to type the text was hard and I gave up.

  • I also think his idea of a long solo ride this weekend is most appropriate. I shall.

  • Absolutely tragic. What a legacy he's left. RIP.

  • This is where I first discovered him, whilst researching the Dirty Disco frameset a few years ago. Read all I could find about him after that, amazing guy.


  • What a unique and inspiring character.
    These last two weeks while following the race and seeing his reactions in the videos people were uploading I could see how humble he was despite being an absolute legend.
    What a fatal loss. Best wishes for his family and friends.

  • Numbing news. I'm finding it difficult to process, so can only imagine the impact on those closer to him. Will do a long (for me) solo in memoriam.
    RIP Mike

  • I have been gutted since I found out before 3am.
    Mike spoke at the Audax UK Reunion I attended in November.
    Lovely chap.
    We will always miss you!

  • Be up for a memorial ride too.
    Totally gut wrenching - its really hard to swallow.

    Thoughts go to friends and family x

  • Genuinely inspirational human being - didn't know him and wish I had, but but he had an impact on many many people.

    Thoughts with all his friends and family.

  • Been on my mind all day despite having never met him.

    Sincere sympathies to his family and all of you on here who new him.

  • I was following the IPWR thread and heard about this last night. I woke up hoping it had all been some horrible mistake. It has been on my mind all day too. Such an inspiration and gone too soon. Ride in Peace Mike.

  • really tragic, this has upset me more than I can believe.

  • Long live Mike. He now rides with us all.

  • I just looked up his single TD activity for 2013.

    His is the King of so many mountains. Today has been utterly miserable.

  • I never knew him, but admired his achievements immensely ,and obviously cheered him on while dot watching...

    So, so sad.....

  • RIP Mike. I've followed you as a dot in the races and your pictures on Instagram. You will be sorely missed.

  • Thoughts and prayers for Mike, his family and friends.

  • Mike was absolutely one of the finest humans I've ever met. He was good humoured, generous and incredibly humble despite his many accomplishments.

    I first heard about Mike through the world cycle race. I was a 15 year old who'd just got into cycling and Mike's achievement provided a beacon of what cycling could offer. Fast forward 4 years and I'm at TCR 2015 and I finally get to meet an idol in person. I get to the bottom of Mt Ventoux as a sunburnt crisp and I'm sitting eating a pizza and then Mike comes out of nowhere and eats one with me.

    At the end of the race he came up to me and said 'I may have put you off of these things for the rest of your life but I hope not'. He hadn't. The following year, despite my initial reluctance, I was back again. Thanks to Mike my life has been irrevocably changed for the better. I'm now happier, healthier, more motivated and seen and experienced some incredible things that I otherwise wouldn't.

    Mike's leaving behind a giant hole in the world but also an incredibly diverse community enamoured with pushing themselves beyond their expectations.

    Below is picture that I took on one of the Valley Cats in Wales. I think it perfectly encapsulates what Mike has given me. Hours before this photo was taken I was shivering in a public toilet, filling my clothes with toilet paper and covering myself in bin bags but retrospectively I look back on that moment great fondness. After, I was rewarded with cycling through the Welsh countryside as the sun rose - a part of the world that I know Mike loved.

    My feelings must pale in comparison to that of his family and my thoughts are with Anna, Patricia and Russ. Those three provided unadulterated support for Mike in all of his endeavours.

    Thank you Mike and Rest in Peace.

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  • Well said Joe. Well said.

  • Being a fellow Yorkshireman and having huge respect for his cycling achievements, yesterday I pushed myself further than I have before (in a non race situation) and completely rode myself into oblivion.

    It's humbling to imagine him getting up today and going again.


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2017-03-31 - Rider down (fatality), Mike Hall during the Indian Pacific Wheel Race

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio