Colombia, not Columbia

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  • Las Palmas round 2 made it to the 6th retorno. 47x15 it’s all I have to work with. Again, the downhill amazing. *the token upside down pic welp

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  • Looks great!

  • @sergioflorez great photos from Las Palmas.. thanks for sharing.. my first experience arriving in Medellín via airport and that road into centro, was breath taking at every corner on the descent. Another great route was out to Santa Fe. Surrounded by epic mountains, I never managed to hit the road into Bello, I reckon that would be very dramatic too. Also the road up to La Catedral (where P Escobar resided) via Envigado

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  • I want to eat chicharrón at La Gloria de Gloria in Envigado before I leave. I’m definitely getting a geared bike next time I visit. I want to reach the top of las palmas for once and have a better survival rate climbing in the exterior.

  • I miss food like that.. @sergioflorez

    I remember going to a large cow shed, converted into a simple steakhouse (parilla) open kitchen in the middle, this was on the outskirts of Medellín from memory. Nothing tasted that good in my experience here in the UK nor in Europe.. I can't compare with Brazilian and Argentine equivalents, because i haven't visited those countries. but make no mistake, South America beats North America in my mind. I wonder whether it was a combination of altitude, good beef stock, good cattle farming, good butchery, well seasoned before cooking..

    anyway, it's making me hungry again..

  • El Dorado is sick! Bye Colombia (shows pics of José María Cordoba)

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  • Jeez, we had hippos in London like 9 ice ages ago, the Amazon and the Congo were once connected into one mighty river system. Perhaps Snr. Escobar just wanted to reintroduce them. How destructive can a hippo be? Chomping on grass and wallowing / defacating in a river or lake.

    Okay deadly encounters with humans I accept, not exactly biodiversity though is it. Great bodyguards come to think about it, surround your fortress with the most deadly mammal responsible for more human deaths than any other from Africa.

    It was humans that wiped out the late Pleistocene megafauna­2020/mar/24/pablo-escobars-cocaine-hippo­s-show-how-invasive-species-can-restore-­a-lost-world-aoe

  • Jeez, we had hippos in London like 9 ice ages ago

    Now there's only one left ... :)

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Colombia, not Columbia

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