Colombia, not Columbia

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  • So Egan Bernal youngest rider (for 110 years) on the verge of winning the Tour de France.. from
    Zipaquirá a mining town north of Bogotá with that famous cathedral carved out of salt..

    Viva Colombia, what an incredible achievement!!

  • Totally true, carving a cathedral out of salt is quite the achievement.

  • The Zipaquirá Wikipedia entry already has him as 'winner of the Tour de France'. Hope that remains true tomorrow. :)

  • Yes let’s pray that he stays on his bike tomorrow.

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  • My wife is from the islands and things are not good nor recovering quickly, if you can help please do.­s-and-providencia-after-iota

    See here for a taste of what is happening.­e-iota-leaves-colombias-providencia-isla­nd-devastated/

    We are helping people that we know on the ground as well as the go fund me, but please if you can help.

  • @citron, really bad news :( donation sent, i hope the international community pitch in too.. please keep us posted.

  • Thanks Al, money was sent this week to both Providencia and San Andres to established charities that are based on the islands. We aim to continue supporting them for the foreseeable.
    We personally, not from the go fund me have sent money to an old friend, who is organising Christmas Present for children who have been left homeless.
    Not much has changed it will be a slow process to bring life back to normal.

  • Are you based in London? A mate of my organised an aide container, when Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017, and got everyone she knew to donate stuff from clothes to household goods. I reckon spend the gofundme money on a container and shipping out from London. And reach out to the Colombian community here in London, for provisions. The guys on the ground there will know what to bring.
    Just a thought.

  • Hi yes London based. An interesting idea about the container and maybe something for the future. The needs at the moment seem to be money to buy stuff that’s available from basic foods and then moving forward it will be construction materials. Many people are still staying in temporary accommodation, with little access to basic such as water and food.
    There is also a good Colombian community in the United States who are pulling together as well.

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the donation form? Two browsers, turned off all my ad blocking stuff, still no dice. It's failing to load some resource.

  • I spoke with my friend who got involved with the Dominica effort in 2017 (her dad is from there). The containers were provided and shipped by the Dominican high commission in London. Perhaps your missus can find out what effort has been offered first in London. As I understand it San Andreas is more developed than Providencia and Santa Catalina . But no doubt all three islands will need help.

  • I don’t have a garmin or anything. Is Medellin to Guatape on fixed gear doable? *im asking google too

  • Epic climb out of Medellín to Guatape from memory @sergioflorez wishing you well :)

  • I took the bus to Guatape. At first I thought.. Yes! look forward to the climb. Then the roads after Marinilla looked rougher than rough. Very narrow, twisty, rolling with fast paced traffic. Had really good thin crust pizza in the center. Christmas lights are still up. I did ride from Belen to Castilla to go to the terminal. That was fun and sketchy. I love the ciclovias but it’s a free for all. A lot of near misses with pedestrians, one collision with another cyclist, a car took a u turn going the wrong way near cerro nutibara and I went down on my cousin’s bike. Bent his real wheel. Las Palmas soon! *not all on the same day

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  • Great to hear from you @sergioflorez also glad you didn’t cycle to Guatape from Medellín. Looking forward to hearing about your descent from Las Palmas

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  • I have yet to go to la piedra. Mtb is a lot of fun. Cobbled climbs are a lot of fun. Very peaceful very sound. The air here is clear and clean. I made bacon cheeseburgers for my friends tonight. *my phone lens is cracked hence the glare. ** I saw an Orgullo Paisa and CM rider pass through! I waved. I was so stoked.

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  • @sergioflorez that whole area was dammed in the 1970s, the 360 panoramic views from the top of El Penol (it has so many names) only 740 steps up are just incredible. the MTB scene in that region i can imagine is quite something.­15/4/6/guatape-guide-how-to-zocalos

  • :)

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  • Dunno if this has been posted but it's a pretty cool vid­0VY

  • what a great video @hippy thanks for sharing my lasting memories of Colombia are the views. that cable car ride to monserrat looking across Bogota is ten times better than LA Hollywood hills.

    i really miss Colombia :( and i'm not even from there!! the people are amazing and you can make friends for life touring like that.

    in terms of conservation, sustainability.. Colombia has i believe, started the healing process to their environment, its incredible flora and fauna, it's indigenous people, it's future in a positive and smart way. maybe one day i'll go back :) open a bike cafe called 'look mum a butterfly!!'
    serving arepa du yuca with fried egg, borojo spread on toast and a glass of hot panela for breakfast

    love that picture @sergioflorez

  • I went further on the mtb today and went from Guatape to almost reaching San Rafael. I reached a hydroelectric dam and realized I had to go back. The loma in between was gnarly and I was out there by myself. Suffering in peace. Locals invited me to their finca. They gave me water, bocadillos and bananas. I wouldn’t have finished the climb without their help. Very ignorant of me to go without food or water. I was in a pain cave. I’m back in Medellin now. *riding someone else’s bike on routes like that.. yeesh. I could have used a further setback seatpost and/or longer stem. My body definitely needed it on the climb.

  • Glad you are home safely @sergioflorez from the back country. Riding mtb in a sparsely populated area alone certainly has risk. The kind gesture from locals is heart warming.

  • B2b weekend lockdowns have stopped me from further investing in the bike I have here because my funds are low. The plan was to get a cheap fixed rear wheel or new hub since the one I have currently has stripped threading. I did find a shop in Avenida 33, but I was a day shy of the current lockdown and the mechanic wasn’t there. Many talleres and bike shops I’ve gone to nearby have been little help (mostly mtb and road). The one a few doors down didn’t even have presta tubes. Riding in Guatape was peak. The trip sorta fizzled out upon returning to Medellin. I still have time.

  • A good chunk of las palmas tonight holy. The corners. Oof. Ooooooooooooof. Ted shred. *photo won’t rotate and my camera is busted

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Colombia, not Columbia

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