Colombia, not Columbia

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  • No illicit substances ever to come out of Colombia then?­­amp/

    You’ll be pleased to know I wouldn’t want to visit.
    As with anywhere I’m sure the majority of the population aren’t drug barons or fouling footballers - just a few

  • Any particular reason why you're being a dick?

  • pointing out a few facts Richard

  • The man from another team pushed a man from my team over and it looked hurties so now we're all crying aka Football thread is over there >>>

  • ...

    Because you are just not worth it..
    hasta nunca

  • Wow what a lovely thread. Thanks @almac68, I feel inspired. Any thoughts on my brain hatching a plan to take a bike out to Bogotá for a month?

  • Sounds like a great idea @freddo .. what was your thinking? Trips out touring across epic landscapes or discover the city?

    Bogotá is on a high plateau around 2400m above sea level, then mountain passes +3500m perhaps start local with ciclovía traffic free sundays in the downtown area, find local cycle groups or escorted rides perhaps and brush up on your español it will take you further, hospitality wise. The Colombians appreciate the effort to speak their language.­­might-be-the-bucket-list-cycling-destina­tion-you-re-looking-for/

    Then check out this cathedral, built entirely from salt about 50km north of the capital. 200 metres underground­hedral_of_Zipaquirá

  • lovely, thanks!


    Wow, Nueva Villa de Aburrá in Medellín listed 3rd, now that’s cool

  • Bike shops that cater to fixie foos? I'm sending a bike before I fly out in April, fingers crossed, and won't be able to buy foot retention (straps preferably) until I get there.

    *No bike for Colo, maybe purchase one there. We shall see.

  • Got a flat down las palmas after my 5th? attempt to reach the top. My limit is this one retorno. I do have a 44t I could use. We’ll see. I leave soon anyway. Good times. I love Medellin. Guatape roads are amazing. Caldas amazing. La Estrella amazing. Itagui amazing. Mango and Lulo Hit is addictive. Burger Chef is bomb.

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  • I really miss Colombia, since my split with girlfriend. But great memories of Medellín and those epic views across the citeh over the past 5 years. thanks for posting @sergioflorez

  • Hey @almac68, looking to go to Colombia for two weeks from mid-December. I'd imagine fly to Bogota and then visit another two or three places. We're keen to visit Medellin but do you have any suggestions for other places to get a good flavor of the country?

    Any suggestions from anyone very welcome, cheers.

  • Hey @jakemcree yes Cartagena is a must, especially the old town, from there boat trip out to the Rosario Islands. Here you will get a carribean vibe which is very different to Bogotá and Medellín. I’ve not been to Cali, might be a trip too far and less touristy. The country is vast and internal flights are the most practical way to get about. If you go make sure you post lots of pictures and chat. I miss Colombia terribly and want to hear all about it.

  • Really helpful, thank you.

  • Flights from London to Bogotá directly via Avianca. Avoid flying via the US it might be cheaper but the hassle of Esta and Latin American traffic through Miami is a bit meh.

    Two weeks will be a push getting about, Colombia is a vast and varied country. So it might be worth just doing Cartagena, Santa Marta, nothing to see in Barranquilla unless it’s carnival.

    Look at Airbnb in Cartagena we got a sweet deal a few years ago stayed in Bocagrande. The old walled town is worth a visit, taxis are cheap, eating out amazing, but stay away from the tourist traps aimed at Americans. Learn espanol, get local SIM cards, use a cheap mobile phone. Don’t over dress and blend in, avoid eating pork whilst on the Caribbean coast especially in the poorer less established areas.

    In Medellín there is a ton of stuff to see and do. Find local guides this city is very cool, I’ve loved every visit there and it’s a real eye opener. 2/3 days tops.

    In Bogotá visit Monserrat via cable car or hike up. I don’t know this city too well, but northern district is probably the safest place to stay. 2/3 days tops

    All these cities have their no go areas, so do your research. If you want to visit any of the national parks get a guide for a reputable company.

    Once you are in Colombia, you will want to see, hear and taste everything, especially if you are feeling adventurous.

  • I'm going to go against the grain here and say, Cartagena was not my favourite place in Colombia when I was there a few years ago.

    It is undeniably beautiful and there's loads of restaurants, etc. but it is much, much more touristy - cruise ships have been stopping nearby for years and it is well travelled in a way that most of the rest of the country didn't seem to be. This has some benefits (restaurants etc) but also some downsides - in the rest of the country people were friendlier, more interested and flattered that you've come to visit the country, etc.

    I'm not saying don't go to Cartagena - but i reckon it is worth thinking about the type of holiday you want. Cartagena will be more like a traditional holiday in that it's by the sea, loads of restaurants, but also some tourist area pestering etc. Elsewhere in the country is more adventurous, probably less choice of food etc, but I found more interesting and more friendly.

    Definitely worth asking yourself what you want your trip to be like before deciding where to head.

  • This is true @andyfallsoff if I was going back I’d want to go hiking in El Cocuy with a guide as you recommended up thread­/colombia/articles/ultimate-guide-explor­ing-el-cocuy-national-park-colombia/

    Then find a good spot to rest on the coast for a few days like Santa Marta

  • No way - I did just that - climbed Concavo in the El Cocuy park!

    It was absolutely mind-blowing - I've never been anywhere like it.

    I'd read that the park was closed now, though - some parts of the circuit weren't open when I was there, but most was; I've since read a few things that suggested it was closed down a lot since. Seems a shame, but it was to prevent damage to the park so hard to argue.

  • ^ Thanks both, the park looks amazing!

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Colombia, not Columbia

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