House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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  • Peperomia has woken up

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  • I had thought this was a goner, but stuck with it through winter and recently repotted. New growth now showing.

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  • 👏

    love the little moss island around the stem

  • @salad-cunt nothing to do with me. All down to nature.

  • 🙂

  • Any ideas what’s wrong with my lemon seedling. It’s not happy. It’s had a feed but seems to be deteriorating

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  • Maybe needs repotting?

  • Good idea.

  • Make sure it has good drainage too, so it doesn't stay waterlogged

  • Mealy bugs. Fucken mealy bugs. How do I get rid of the cunts? They are getting into and wrecking everything

  • I originally posted this on the gardening thread bit will apply here

    Making some homemade pesticide with my rhubarb leaves. Boil 4 mugs of water, add 4 chopped up rhubarb leaves and simmer for half hour. Remove the leaves and allow to cool. Stir 1tsp of washing up liquid into 2.5 mugs of water and then combine with the rhubarb liquid. Plonk in a spray bottle and use on pests. Don't put it on anything you're planning to eat.

  • Think I’m needing a bigger pot for the avocado already. Should I plant outside? Would it last in the West of Scotland’s climate?

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  • Lots of things sprouting in this pot too.

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  • It's difficult to impossible i believe. I've got a streptocarpus with them and at the weekend I took it outside and rinsed all the soil off, blasted the bugs out as much as I could, then sprayed with a soapy bug spray.

    The compost was also far too soggy so it got a 50/50 mix of compost & perlite to go back into. We'll see how it gets on I guess

  • Step 1: Pick them and the white fluffy stuff they make off as best you can with tweezers
    Step 2: Apply rubbing alcohol with a spray bottle then a cotton bud to get in the nooks, it kills the eggs.
    Step 3: repeat mercilessly

    (Neem oil is a less good but still ok alternative)

  • I've done this. I've done it heaps of times and the fuckers still get everywhere.

    I had the world's biggest zygo (it flowers twice!) And they have wrecked it. My massive money plant is a write off too.

  • i had them on my money plant, moved it outside and they disappeared after a few weeks.

  • Finally got a prayer plant

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  • Think I’m needing a bigger pot for the avocado already. Should I plant outside? Would it last in the West of Scotland’s climate?

    It won't survive scottish winters outside.
    The plant looks very healthy and it will appreciate a bigger pot anyways - although this will encourage further growth surely 🙂
    Long story short you'd need to find a bigger spot for it, as bright as possible (the less light it gets the more it will grow vertically, "searching for light").

  • I found a good weapon is those little flossing brushes like mini pipecleaners. The mealybugs were living on my orchid between leaf and stem where they couldn't be reached without damaging the plant. I've found with regular inspection and extracting any bugs I find, they're not totally gone but they're occasional only. Also I didn't realise until recently that the males look just like other tiny flies, so kill those as much as you can too.

  • little flossing brushes like mini pipecleaners

    Interdental brushes.

    Our prayer plants are doing quite well

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  • With the weather like it is, don't forget your house plants might like a bit of time outdoors, most likely in the shade.
    Good opportunity to give them a hose down too, rinse off all the dust.

  • Oooh this is a great idea, I have some very dusty plants

  • Does anyone on here have a bird of paradise plant?

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House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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